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LED RECESSED LIGHTS are a new trend and change the overall look of the room and ceiling. These recessed lights make the room brighter and make it look beautiful. They even do not consume more space on the ceiling.

Most of the recessed lights are hanging, which is not the choice of everybody. However, they also come in the fixed ceiling style. These lights provide a modern look.


Below are the features of the LED recessed lights.

Numbers of lights

LED recessed lights always come in a pack of 6 or 12. If you are planning to light up a big room or a smaller one, in both cases you will need many lights to give the room a natural look.

Size of the lights

Before installing LED recessed light, you have to check the size and diameter of the lights and room to get the idea of the required numbers of the lights. More or fewer lights will make the overall look of the ceiling odd, so it is b better to check the size first.

Recessed lights wattage

If you want proper and natural light in your space, you must go through the wattage of the LED recessed lightsi. Checking the wattage is necessary. Generally, recessed lights watts range is 8 to 12 according to the model and size of the light. Higher wattage gives a brighter performance.

All the recessed lights come with a guide and tell all the features. Below you will read the importance of buying recessed lights.

Importance of LED Recessed Lights

How important LED recessed lights are for your home and workplace; you may not have any idea. But after going through this guide you will truly get one.

So lets discover some amazing things about these lights.

  • First, these lights are energy savers. They consume less energy.
  • The second thing is they are economical and comes in a pack of 6 and 12.
  • Next is, they consume less space and look elegant.
  • The other fact is that these lights provide versatility. You can use it as ambient lighting and spotlight to enhance the look of a particular space or wall portion.

LED Light Fixtures

Recessed LED lighting fixtures are available for the home, kitchen and bedroom. In addition, the average life span of a standard fixture is 25,000 hours to 30,000 hours.

You can use an LED bulb as a fixture. LED fixtures are readily available in different size and type. Nevertheless, the mounting base must be in the same size and type; otherwise LED bulb will not fit in the socket. The fixture bulb must be in the recommended wattage. Otherwise, it will be dangerous.

A Short Buying guide

Get an overview of some important things that you should know while buying your lighting fixtures.

  • 1Ensenior LED Recessed Ceiling Light 12 lights 6 inch 5 years
  • Hykolity LED Recessed Lighting 12 lights 6 inch 5 years
  • Sunco LED Recessed Downlight 12 lights 6 inch 7 years
  • Bbounder Led Recessed Lights 12 lights 6 inch 5 years
  • Cloudy Bay LED Recessed Light 12 lights 6 inch 3 years

Now you may be worried about where to get durable fixtures for LED. Don’t worry is here to take your all worries by providing you with best products. You can check them out to get best ones for you.

Wrap up

Here, given a complete recessed lights buying guide. LED recessed lightsi are a very well thought addition in our homes. It makes the house beautiful and is a great energy saver. It consumes less energy and reduces energy bills. It also comes with fixtures. You can easily use fixtures in the place of bulbs.

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