The improvement in the technology has helped people all over the world in every aspect of their lives. From travelling from one corner of the world to another to being able to save tons of information in devices that one can keep in a pocket. None of it could have been possible without the advancements in technology.

Everyday new breakthroughs in the world of technology can be seen. And these breakthroughs have allowed us to live more productive and more comfortable lives. Not only the average person is taking advantage of technological advancements but the business industry all over the world has also been making good use of technology.

From manufacturing industries and the mining industries the use of latest technology has changed the game for everyone alike. Huge automated plants have made the production of heavy machinery an easy task. Production and assembling of big machines is being done on a large scale thanks to technology.  

Like everything else in this world, the improvements and advancements in technology has made a real and a very powerful impact on the marketing industry. Where the world had to make use of the traditional marketing methods and strategies and be fine with the limitations they had to face because of that is now no longer a problem when the technology is so advanced. 

The impacts of technology on the marketing industry:

Higher reach: The use of latest technology has allowed people to communicate to a large number of audiences very easily. Satellite transmission first changed the marketing game by letting the brands and business organizations reach millions of people through T.V adds. The radio waves also made a very big impact on the world of marketing by letting brands reach a very high number of people around the world. But these mediums of communication also had their limitations.

Where T.V and radio failed there the internet passed. Digitalization has now changed the marketing world forever. Now, reaching millions of people through digital platforms is not only available for large corporations but it is also possible for average people and small scale businesses. You can even create a wiki page for your business organization, regardless of its size, and reach the population of the whole world with just by creating one page on wikipedia. 

Engaging content: As the world of technology has moved forwards the types of content being used for marketing has also gone through many changes over the years. In the early 2000’s the content in focus was mostly limited to text based content but as time has moved on visual content also became a part of the industry and was started being used very commonly. But now video content and animated content, that too in many different styles, is being used in the marketing industry very frequently. 

Due to the progression in the technology being used it has been easier for brands and business organizations to create engaging content for their marketing campaigns and create strong customer relationships. Not only that but this engaging content has also helped many brands across the globe to even increase their sales revenues quite successfully and this is all due to the advancements in technology.

Cost effective: Due to the use of latest technology business organizations and brands all over the world have been able to market themselves in very cost friendly ways. Where previously they had to spend millions of dollars to reach out and connect to mass populations they can now do without spending a lot of money. The latest channels of communication which are available due to the improvement in technology have allowed marketing to be done in a much more cost friendly way than before. 

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