How You Can Use Them to Leverage Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become a routine or sometimes a need for almost all people. Especially when the pandemic hit, social media has been the source of our third need in our hierarchy of needs. Friendship, family, sense of connection, and even intimacy have been accessible through social media platforms because of the pandemic. 

As marketers and as surviving business owners, we need to use this fact and new norm to our advantage. Over the years that social media platforms have existed, trends were coming in and out. And a lot of these trends were used by marketers for their benefit. 

Here’s a quick run-through of 2021’s social media trends to look out for and how you can use them to leverage your social media marketing campaigns:

1.The rise of memes.

Memes have been gaining popularity for months and months. Even before the pandemic, memes are big in the social media lenses. The popularity was magnified when pandemics started and lockdowns placed many people in home isolation without something fun to do. 

Creating memes and incorporating them into your product can give your exposure and engagement a boost. If you’re a business owner or a marketer who hasn’t used memes in marketing, then it’s time to think twice and start planning.

2.Video content is not going anywhere.

Video content has been an engaging form of content. With TikTok emerging rapidly, Instagram stories on the way up, and Youtube content, you would get that marketing result that you want to achieve. Videos are becoming social media content hits over time and have increased their rate since the pandemic started. 

If you are a business owner who uses Instagram stories already to advertise, let me tell you, you are on the right path. Tiktok challenges can be incorporated in your social media marketing campaigns, Youtube vlogs can be made as well to introduce new products or services. Instagram videos or stories can also be used for announcements and quick advertisements. 

3.Augmented reality is the filter of the future.

With virtual reality already risen over the years with an interactive approach, brands have also used augmented reality to promote products and increase brand engagement. Different companies have invested in Instagram filters that can help increase their engagement and make the interaction with potential customers fun. 

One amazing example of augmented reality put to good use is how Maybelline Philippines incorporated AR to help customers and buyers choose a shade of foundation and let them “try on” the product using filters. 

4.Influencer Marketing will be staying as jumpstarts and marketing boosts.

Tapping a social media influencer can help your brand gain popularity. Although this trend is not new at all, this one is staying for a while. Brands have proven influencer marketing as equally effective as running paid ad campaigns. 

Also, influencer marketing is way cheaper and costs low than running a paid ad campaign. Instead of getting one big celebrity, brands are getting multiple networks of small influencers to run a product’s marketing campaign. This way, a wider scope is reached. This is an excellent example of “divide and conquer”

5.Live streams on the pedestal.

When the pandemic hit the globe, people were isolated, and even until now, the fear of going outside is still present. So in effect, there’s an increase in the use of the live streaming features in social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram to interact with fans, customers, and potential markets. Some brands and small business owners have started using live streaming to sell their products online; it’s called “live selling”

6.Social Media commerce is up and running.

In connection to the small business owners doing “live selling” different brands have now placed their products on their social media platforms for the customers to pick and choose from. After choosing, customers will be able to order the products directly by just messaging the brand’s social media handles. 

One feature in social media platforms emerging now is the “buy now” button where you automatically get redirected to a shopping cart and choose to check out the products you’ve added. Same as influencer marketing, social media commerce is not that new at all, but with the vague turn of events in the world during the pandemic, it has been rising at a constant rate. 

7.Purpose-driven campaigns wake everyone up.

With the internet slang “woke” on the rise, meaning people who are generally empathetic and aware of what is happening to the people around them or in different places, brands are pressured to drive a marketing campaign with a purpose. 

People generally interact and create a relationship with brands that drive personal connections with their purpose-driven advertisements and campaigns. With the world generally in chaos and in uncertainty, a beautiful message from big brands lightens the heart. 

8.Be inclusive. Not exclusive.

Brands are gaining engagements and customers if they are becoming inclusive. When a brand becomes inclusive, consumers will be able to reflect that the brand is good at listening to its customers and potential buyers. 

Certain lingerie brands are becoming inclusive in offering a wide range of sizes and promoting body positivity. Another example of inclusivity in brands is offering a wide array of makeup shades for different skin tones. 

Connecting to your audience

These and many more trends and movements in different social media platforms are racing their way to the top. There are several benefits of social media marketing and marketers are including these in their brands and marketing strategies for increased customer engagement. 

What worked 10 years ago may not be working today in the people’s choices. Because of how the world changed drastically over the years, and maybe months because of the pandemic, customers are expecting more from the big brands and businesses. They expect a lot but most importantly, they expect connection.

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