How To Write A Script For Outbound Sales Calls?

sales calls
sales calls

To get results with your outbound sales calls, it is imperative to have a stellar script. This script will be useful when you begin communicating with your potential customer on the phone and want to convert that conversation into a sale. Here we will discuss some key points to writing and preparing a useful outbound call script. 


Research Your Own Product/Service

The core idea that you need to keep in mind while writing your script is that you need to be fully aware of your product or service. You have to be ready with all the potential questions that the customer may ask you and have answers that will resonate with them the most. Many refer to this as handling rebuttals, but there should be more to your script than setting yourself up for arguments. 

This answer definitely varies with different audience groups such as young people, older people, working groups, and so on. You may need to rely on companies like King Kong to help with inbound and outbound marketing strategies, and plan an outbound strategy for you. If your budget doesn’t allow for outsourcing your digital marketing strategies to another company, you may need to get serious about doing it yourself. So, ensure that you formulate a script that holds the most relevancy for the target group.


Begin With You

Firstly, begin with who you are, which company you are from, and the services or products that you offer. You have to modify the way you present this information depending on whom you are speaking with. The first thing your script should address is everything about you and your brand. Try to find different angles to your services and company so that you can formulate your messaging accordingly and smoothly. The first few seconds of your call will be the most crucial time to hook your target consumers and to spark a hint of interest.


Why Should They Care?

The next section you have to address is why should the potential consumer care. This is where you must try to resonate with them either through an emotional approach if that is viable or by solving a problem that they face. Either way, your pitch should connect with them either on a practical level or an emotional level. Otherwise, they would lose interest and disconnect the call.


What Do They Need To Do Now?

Now that you have explained to them all about who you are and the solution you will provide them. They may be interested in this time and would like to know what they have to do next. So, be clear and concise on what it entails in terms of monetary value or steps to do next.


Conclude On A Definitive Note

Finally, if the call goes according to the plan, you must definitively close the deal or set up an action point. An action point would be a follow-up call or another meeting about the product or service. Closing the deal, well… is closing the deal. An action point could include getting a confirmation from them or scheduling a follow up right there and then. Hence, conclude the call on a positive and definitive way to make your outbound sales calls perfect.


This is a foundation; remember, only you can write the script that is right for you. The way to write your script effectively for an outbound sales calls revolves around you and your primary objectives. You can modify it and work around it to suit the particular service or product that you are selling. This is all you need to form the basic structure for your outbound sales calls. It is guaranteed to sell and connect with your target audience. Good luck with your next sales call!

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