How to use Instagram highlights


Instagram is a popular app that is being used by various businesses for marketing purposes. The various features that it provides to its users help them gain followers and increase their popularity. 

Instagram highlights are a feature that helps you save the stories you post on your profile. Many people buy Instagram followers cheap online, but using these features can help you gain them organically.

The thing is that not all stories can be highlighted. You have to check what you have to highlight – is it something important? Will it help the customers? Will it attract more customers? You have to keep all of this in mind before highlighting something. 

Read this article to find effective ways of using Instagram highlights. 

What should be featured in your highlights? 

Many businesses try to gain more ig followers by highlighting all their stories for users to see. There are a few things that you should feature in your highlights. These include:

  • About your business:

You should create a highlight which should include information about your business; the services you provide, your prices, your staff, etc. This will help people understand your business better. 

  • What goes on in your office:

Now, if someone is coming to visit your profile, they would be interested in knowing how you work. Therefore, you must create a highlight that showcases everything that goes on in your workspace. This will increase the interest of followers in your business. 

  • Any giveaways, promotion, etc. you have had:

People love businesses that keep on holding contests or keep on offering promotions. You should highlight all the giveaways, promotions you have offered to make people aware of them. 

Finally, keep your customers updated by highlighting any important news that you have!

Use the right cover picture:

The cover of your highlight should be appealing to users. It should be something creative and should make people curious. This will enable them to open your highlights. 

Also, it is always a good idea to choose a theme and make similar covers for all your highlights while following the theme. This gives your profile a more uniform look!

Use an attractive name:

Make sure you rename your highlights and don’t use the default name. Using a different name for all highlights will tell what the highlights hold. 

Make sure the name of your highlight is something creative so that more people are attracted to it!

Make it about the audience:

The content you have on your highlights should ideally be about the audience and the customer. If it’s a product, tell the audience how it can help them, instead of going on and on about how good it is. 

Doing so will create a stronger urge to buy the product and will directly result in a better click-through rate. If the product was truly helpful, the customer would be coming back to your highlights for more as well.

One thing to keep in mind is to avoid being a bit too formal and to the point.



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