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How to use CatEight to apply for university

It is the dream of every student to study abroad. To achieve this goal, students work hard and earn good grades to secure admission in some good international university. Many students fail to start their study abroad just due to lack of guidance. Cateight is the world’s most convenient and easy to use data search engine. It is a one- stop application website. Their site has special features designed to apply for courses and to provide students, agents and institutions with an easy and convenient online application management system. Their system is absolutely free for students to use. Most of the platform services and functions are also free for agents and institutions. They believe that their platform will provide the most effective course application services worldwide.

User groups

The main user groups of CatEight are students. Other use groups include educational institutions, student recruitment agents etc. The  readers who are concerned with educational related trends, studies and study life are also CatEight users. Their website covers users and readers across Australia, China, New Zealand, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries and regions. Placing ads on CatEight, gives you the opportunity to expose your services and products to all the users and readers worldwide. If you are a student and looking for some school in any of the above mentioned countries, CatEight’s course finder tool is here to help. This tool will help you to find best schools according to your relevant course. You have choice, you can specify the country to find schools. You can also enter your course requirements, and CatEight will fetch the results according to your requirements.

Study abroad with Cateight tool

CatEight is a powerful online enrolment system with multiple diverse functions. Its Course Application function enables the students who want to apply to universities the ease to apply. Via the platform, students can fill in the application form to study abroad. They can also upload the documents required. Just obtain a document list and submit their application case to the desired university. Now it is very easy to get admission in your favorite international universities.

Requirements and steps

The very first step is to fill in the online Enrollment Form and upload the documents needed. The information needed will be the Applicant Details. These details include students surname, given name, gender, previous name (if you have), nickname etc. Other details include date of birth, age, city of birth, your current residential address and contact number. Then, nationality, country/region of birth, permanent residential address and contact number are also included. You can also upload social ID, postal address and contact number and email. Student’s education background providing the details of educational qualification they have gained, including educational qualification, name of institution, , country/region, state/province, course name, intake time, city. English level proficiency, guardian details, passport and visa details, work experience, source of income, health insurance details.

The next step will be to choose the course that student wants to enroll in. This would be easier if the student has already decided the course to enroll in. If the course is not decided, proposed courses can help the students decide. Students can also contact with some agent via CatEight who will provide all the relevant information and will help the student to secure admission in his favorite international school/university.

Submission methods

Then the student will select a preferred submission method to study abroad. There are three different submission methods including submission via agent in which the student wants to find an education agent to help them submit the case. There is also a request pool option in which the course requests and part of your background information is open to the agents that are interested in your case. Agents will then contact students via their approved contact methods. The last option is the institution which enables students to directly submit the application case to institution.

They last step is to save or submit the application case to complete the online enrollment. Before submitting the online course enrollment case, student can enter extra info if required. Students can then click on the “Save” or “Submit” button to save or send their case. If the student wants to submit their online school enrollment case they should not forget to check the option “I have read and agree on the Agreement of Third Party’s Using of CatEight”.

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