How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed at Work


There are several reasons people feel stressed and fall into anxiety or depression. This pandemic situation has got everyone into the stressor trap. People lost their jobs, ran out of business, suffered isolation, lockdown, lost their loved ones and seen more reasons to worry about.

One of the reasons for stress is feeling overwhelmed at work. If you feel that you have way too much on your plate or you are grinding from morning to night and overloaded at work, you might feel overwhelmed. While working from home during the lockdown, you may have felt the level of global uncertainty and such feeling may ruin your personal life at home. Here are some steps that you can follow to stop feeling overwhelmed.

Learn About Your Triggers of Feeling Overwhelmed

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, try and identify the triggers and symptoms. Focus on what initiated this feeling and how you are feeling. We mostly feel overwhelming when we encounter things that are complex to handle. It is more complex than challenging your capabilities. Just evaluate your tasks and think for a minute, what is that one task that you can take off your plate and your life will go easy! It’s just that simple to talk and figure it out.

Challenge Your Boundaries

Shedding off that one odd task will never make your life easy! It’s the grace period you gained to come prepared for the same task next time. Preparing yourself is better than procrastinating the same task every time. At the same time, you also need to understand your limits. Not every task is to be completed by you, for examples if you are a graphic designer but not coder, you can’t do coding all by yourself. Don’t assume that every task or every email is to be done by you right now to keep the project live. It was live without you and can be furnished without you! So only challenge yourself when you come prepared and are ready to take that extra mile.

Plan Your Day / Week / Month

Plan your day

If you are not sure where to start from and what to do first, take your time to sit back and plan your daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Setting up the right plan of action will ease up your life with the rest of the time you spend at work. Writing down what needs to be done and in which order, collecting all your flying thoughts into an actionable list will make your work easy and ensure timely completion of all your deliverables. This activity will enhance your prioritization, productivity, performance and power to control things.

Give it a Break, Do Different

If you are uncertain what to do when feeling overwhelmed, stop everything and just give it a break. Take short breaks or take a long leave if needed to restart from where you left off. We take small breaks whenever our stress level goes high, you feel like in prison, the walls appear falling off on you, simply give it a break and go out for a break. The fresh air and the change in view will bring in the different to stop feeling overwhelmed.

Have a Pal to Talk it Out

Have a Pal to Talk it Out

Everyone has that one friend to shed out all the frustration and talk out your thoughts at work. Whenever your mind is filled with spinning thoughts, just discuss it out with your friends. Don’t worry about how your friends will feel about you or think of you as an incapable person at work as if they do, they are not your friends. Ask for suggestions and ways to meet a task instead of asking them to do it for you. This approach will make you sound proactive and organized.

Only Work When You Are Ready

Some people are fond of working on a project while others are bound to working on the same. To ensure timely delivery with perfection, try to work only when you are ready to work. When you do something with interest and zeal of ding it, whatever or however you do it, the end result is always flourishing and appreciated. If you find it comfortable finishing something on a weekend, do it on weekends or finish up your tasks at night but ensure that you always meet deadlines. Give your hundred percent heart and soul to give your best at work.

Summing Up

Life becomes crazy when you take up a task that was supposed to be in your not-to-do list. If you have an option or there is something that doesn’t meet your skillset, try not to take that flying arrow and direct it to the right person who can easily handle it. If you are not sure what to do when feeling overwhelmed, just analyze your strengths and weaknesses and check if the task in hand is meant for you or you can get it done by the right person. Smart work is the key to success and not hard work, else Donkeys were to be the king of the jungle!



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