How to renew car insurance online? What are the things to remember?

car insurance online
car insurance online

One of the necessary investments and mandatory in India is four-wheeler insurance. Driving without valid car insurance can have adverse consequences – from huge penalties to jail-term. However, you might not find the time to visit your insurance provider, broker, or agent in this fast-paced life for renewing the plan. 

Thankfully, you can do it online. The process for car insurance renewal online is simple. Read on to understand the steps to renew the policy. 

Visit the insurer’s website

For car policy renewal, you must first have insurance, to begin with. You should first visit your insurance providers’ website. Most companies offer all kinds of insurance plans – from health to vehicle insurance. Click on the car insurance tag, after which you get redirecting to a new page. Here, you should select the renewal option.

Add policy details

Once you opt for car insurance renewal via online mode, you get a prompt to enter specific information into the system. You must input the policy number. If you have a good plan, the system automatically pops up other necessary information – including vehicle registration number, name, address, and contact information.

Modify the insurance policy

After you have enter your current policy details, you get all the information about it. This includes the coverage you are eligible for, the no-claims bonus benefits you can claim, the number of claims filed, the premium to pay, and so on. Besides these details, you also have the edit or modification option to add or remove additional riders. 

You can amend your policy to make sure you do so correctly while doing an online car insurance renewal. 

Review the plan

Once the amendments are made, review them thoroughly. Ensure that you read the information given. There should be no spelling or typing errors. Check if your name gets spelt rightly, your date of birth is mentioning correctly, and vehicle details entering are right. 

Pay premiums

While doing the car insurance online renewal, this is the last leg. You see the premium amount on the payments page. You must select your preferring payment method – internet banking, debit, or credit card, or digital wallets and complete the payment. Your renewed insurance gets email, and a hard copy gets sent via post or courier. 

Things to remember about renewal

  • You can renew your car insurance policy even after it has to lapse if you complete the renewal process within 45 days.
  • Remember to check if you are eligible for NCB benefits and utilize them to reduce your insurance premium pay-out.
  • Consider reviewing your vehicle’s insuring declaring value and deductibles while renewing the policy.
  • You can add new members to your plan or remove them if you have opted for a personal and passenger accident cover

As is apparent, online car insurance renewals are both convenient and simple. It saves time, and you need not pay any commission to your agent or broker. Online renewals got done safely and securely in minutes. 

After you’ve entered the specifics of your current policy, you’ll be given all of the information you need. This covers information such as the coverage you’re eligible for, the no-claims bonus benefits you’re eligible for, the number of claims you’ve filed, the premium you’ll have to pay, and so on. Aside from this information, you can also edit or modify the rider list to add or delete additional riders.

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