How to register a .pk domain in Pakistan?

domain in Pakistan
domain in Pakistan


You are not the first nor the last person in Pakistan who is seeking to know about the registration process of a .pk domain in Pakistan? For those who don’t know what a domain name is, let us explain them first. A domain name is your unique identity over the world wide web, it’s the name of your website you own. Name can be any name like a brand’s name or a person’s name for a personal website. Next, we will try to provide you a guide around how you can register a .pk domain in Pakistan.

How to register a .pk Domain in Pakistan?

So if you are struggling on how to register a .pk domain name in Pakistan, there is nothing to be worried about. All you need is to select a local web hosting service provider. You can also choose an international service provider, but most of them may not provide a .pk domain. To check the right domain name availability you can visit PKNIC or or many other websites where you can check the domain name availability, once you are done with name selection decision, select a a web hosting package, provide your details to sign up, and here are ready to rock and roll.

But wait! Do you know the strategies of how to select the best web hosting service provider? If not, then the blog post is yours. Scroll down to check.

How to Select the Best Web Hosting Service?

A general rule of thumb is, the better your web hosting service is, the better your website performance will be. Without any doubt, the web hosting selection is one of the major factors that is very underrated. Your ON and OFF page SEO, website speed, and security completely depends on the web hosting your website is running on which makes hosting program selection supremely important. So, here are some key factors you should always keep in mind, while selecting a trustworthy PK Domain provider.

Check the Reputation of the Provider

Every day new service providers advertise themselves through Search Engine Marketing, but who knows they are worth being trusted or not? The first step in purchasing the domain name is to check the reputation of the service provider.

To do this, you need to read the customers’ reviews about the brand. The customers’ reviews give a better image of the service providers. If you’re satisfied with the reviews, step into the second step.

Compare the Rates

Never consider one web hosting service provider. Before purchasing the plan, roam in the market to compare the rates of different service providers. Some will cost more and provide less. While on the other hand, some will cost less but claims to give more. Make a balance between them.


Your domain is your business, and your business should be in safe hands. Make sure that the service provider provides you 100% safety policy on the domain. If not, then no need to invest in the brand. The market is overflowing with different options. Choose the one which provides you security insurance.

Check the offers

Checking the price of the package and offers is necessary. What if you purchase an expensive web hosting plan with zero offers? Of course, all your money will waste. The web hosting plan must comprise the following offers;

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • One-click install plugins
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free SEO tools

Customer Support

Okay, so while using the domain, you safe any issue, now what will you do? To whom you’ll consult? Of course, the service provider’s customer support will be your priority. For convenience in communication and better user experience, customer support should be user-friendly and available 24/7.

Live chat agents are a must to have. These chat agents solve queries in seconds and professionally.


While registering the domain, make sure that you have chosen a classy name that is the best possible representation of your website. After all, your domain name is the presentation of your brand.



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