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How to paint the tiles?

If you want to the choice that the DIY paths an affordable way to update your tiles, you just need to get any best tile paint and learn how to paint the tiles properly.Whether its new tiles or old.

paint the tiles
paint the tiles

Here’s an easy and ideal guide on how to paint the tiles

Painting material requires before paint your tiles.

  1. Masking or paint tapes
  2. Gloves
  3. 600sand paper
  4. 38mm paintbrush
  5. Mini micro fibre Roller and frame
  6. Roller tray
  7. Buckets
  8. Drop sheet
  9. Clean clothes

How to paint the tiles with long term protection?

The tile paint calculates how much you will need to multiply the length of your walls by height. This will give you a square meter divide this by 12 and it will tell you how much paint you will need for masking and put tape to mask off walls. And taps and put drop chips over your floors fix any crack grout or crack tiles with new grout or poly filler start by cleaning your tiles.


This will get rid of grease soap and other dirt sprays at least 20 centimetres from the surface and wipe. It is clean with a wet sponge or cloth doing a small area at a time.

Stubborn stains and grease might need to clean it on for up to 30 seconds. If they are stubborn. You might need to use plastic scour. You have got any mould scrub it with one part bleach to three parts of water and rinse it thoroughly with fresh clean water. Once drawl it gives the tiles light sand with 240 grit wet and dry sandpaper. This will help paint adhesion and give an even better finish then wash and rinse again let the tiles dry.

Your tiles are drawing out your next step is to prime them that will help you paint stick better and laminate. It provides a   greater dejen and has a micro ban that protects against mould mildew and fungus.


Now, we will give the primer a good stir. We will fill a roller tray with the primer and remember never to paint straight from the tin. You will get paint around the rim. Which will mean that the tin doesn’t seal properly and will ruin the paint for later here a tip don’t overfill your roller.

It should be a little less than half- submerged now just working on area few tiles. While at a time apply one even smooth coat with a mini microfiber roller and using a brush to get in all the little fiddly bits. Apply the primary zig-zag pattern to get a cover and then without reloading a roller do the final roll in one direction from the top to the bottom.


After dry touch dry and about two hours recoding about four if the weather is cold leave a little bit longer. Your prime is dry were going to give a light salmon some 240 grit. Dust that down wipe it down its ready for the Nala tile paint and we are going to need to coat and lightly sand between coats.

Mostly tile paint also includes a microvan to help protect against mould and mild dew in it. It can also tend to the colour of your choice and has a gloss finish apply over your ceramic wall tiles instead so give you paint a good stir and half a roller tray with paint.

Paint any faddy bits with a brush now loads are rolled up evenly and not with too much time. You are better off doing two thin coats and one thick one give the roller a tap before taking it out of the tray this will rid of any excess that might cause drips to apply your first coat in the same zig-zag motion.

As the primer just doing a small area maybe a couple of miles wide at a time do the last roll without reloading your roller going in one direction top to bottom.

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