How to make your Delhi hostel room feel like home

hostel room
hostel room

Your bags are packed, your board marks are through the roof and you’re ready to enter the world of college. And with the lectures, societies, parties, and events comes the brand new experience of living away from home for the first time. Once you’ve settled down at the best hostel in Delhi, unpacked your belongings and started to make friends with your roommates, the homesickness blues may begin to appear. So how can you make yourself as comfortable as possible and adjust to your new surroundings quickly? Well, you can try some of our quick hacks to make your new hostel room feel exactly like home. Go ahead and check them out.

The smell of home

Your bedroom at home probably had a quintessential scent to it. Whether that’s from your favourite type of incense, a scented candle or just your perfume, it’s probably a fragrance that makes you feel familiar and comforted. So carry on the tradition in your hostel room. You’ll be surprised at what a difference such a simple scent can make. And even if you’re not able to get a hold of the same fragrances, try some aromatherapy candles or essential oils that have calming properties, so that you can at least keep the anxiety at bay.

Deck the walls

The plain white walls of your hostel room have no character, forget living up to the decor of the bedroom you grew up in. But now that you’re in the process of claiming your space, it’s time to add some life to your walls. This is a great chance for you to show off your personality, and add some familiarity to your new crib. Whether it’s posters, a pinboard, pictures, wall art or decals, you can go all out and transform your room to match your vibe.

Extra pillows

The largest piece of furniture in your hostel room is probably your bed. And you’ll soon find that your bed is as much of a multitasker as you are since you might end up using it as a sofa, a study space and even an exercise mat. So if you’re spending all that time on your bed, it should be the coziest and most comfortable space in your room. Even if the mattress your hostel provides isn’t of great quality, a quick and relatively inexpensive way to upgrade your bed is by adding extra pillows. These can easily double as cushions during a daytime Netflix party, and provide warmth and comfort during the night. Plus they’ll add to your room decor, especially if you match them to the colour scheme of your room. When it comes to pillows, we believe the more the merrier.


It’s not just your Instagram posts that need good lighting, your hostel room needs it too. And a great way to make your room more familiar is to bring the same kind of lights that you have at home. There are many ways you can do this. You could swap the bulbs in the hostel for the LED ones you had at home. Or you could turn to the dorm room staple of fairy lights that adds charm and character to any space. And if you’re engaging the services of packers and movers in Delhi to handle your belongings, you could even carefully pack your favourite lamp(s) and bring them to your new room.

Replicate your bathroom

When you move to a hostel for the first time, you might realize that you’re actually more attached to your bathroom at home than your bedroom. That’s because you’re used to certain arrangements and systems (not to mention hygiene levels) that you may not have in a hostel. So to help yourself adjust quickly, try and replicate your bathroom fixings to match what you have at home. Even if it’s just the layout of toiletries in the sink area, having a pattern that you’re already familiar with will go a long way towards making you feel comfortable in a new space. If you’re sharing a bathroom with roommates, try to compromise and find a middle ground that everyone is okay with.

So those are some simple hacks to make your hostel room in Delhi feel exactly like home. Try them out and say goodbye to homesickness. You’re now ready to enjoy your life to the maximum in this brand new city.

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