How to make Fried organic chicken calzone.


Calzone is an Italian oven-baked pizza, it is folded and made with dough left for a long time. The recipe in this post is good to make for your children on their birthday or even for yourself on a Saturday night to eat and relax.


To make the dough:

  • Milk powder – 1 tablespoon
  • Salt – half teaspoon
  • Instant yeast – 1 teaspoon
  • Sugar – 1 teaspoon
  • Melted butter – 2 tablespoon
  • All-purpose flour – 2 cups
  • Warm water – as required

For the stuffing:

  • Organic chicken (minced) – 1 cup
  • Capsicum (chopped) – 1
  • Small-sized onion (chopped) – 1
  • Pizza sauce – 2 tablespoon
  • Salt – half teaspoon
  • Oregano – half teaspoon
  • Garlic (powder)  – one and a half teaspoon
  • Black pepper (powder) – 1 teaspoon
  • Egg – 1
  • Mozzarella and cheddar cheese – as required

Instructions :

For the dough:

  1. Take a bowl and add all-purpose flour to it.
  2. Add yeast, milk powder, salt, and sugar.
  3. Mix it nicely while adding a little amount of warm water.
  4. Add butter and knead properly for five minutes.
  5. Once the dough is set, spread melted butter on it and cover it with plastic wrap.
  6. Let it rest for two hours so it rises properly.

For the stuffing:

  1. Heat a pan on medium flame.
  2. Add two tablespoons of oil and let it heat for two minutes.
  3. Add minced organic chicken and fry till it changes color
  4. Add chopped onions and capsicum and mix it.
  5. Add garlic powder, black pepper powder, and salt.
  6. Turn the flame medium to low.
  7. Add oregano, pizza sauce, and stir nicely
  8. You can also add ketchup if you like.
  9. Turn the flame off and let it cool.

For the bread:


  1. Dust some all-purpose flour on a clean area and take out the dough from the bowl to the area.
  2. Punch the risen dough two to three times
  3. Roll the dough on the dusted all-purpose flour and make a ball.
  4. Cut the ball in two portions and make two balls of it.
  5. Flatten the ball with a help of a roller.
  6. Put the flattened bread on a baking tray and spread ketchup on half of it.
  7. Add grated cheese and put chicken stuffing on it.
  8. Put cheese again.
  9. Whisk the egg and apply it on the sides with the help of a brush.
  10. Pick the other side and cover it on the stuffing.
  11. Take a fork and lightly press on the sides to seal it.
  12. Brush egg on the calzone.
  13. Take a knife and slightly put three marks on the upper layer.
  14. Bake it in the oven at 200 degrees for twenty minutes.
  15. Dish it out in a serving tray, garnish with coriander and serve with your favorite sauce.


To have a healthy meal you need to make sure you have good quality chicken. You can get high-quality (Halal) organically reared chickens in the UK from here.



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