How To Install A GPS Car Tracking System

GPS Car Tracking System

With the help of the car tracking system, the user can easily locate their car from any location with the help of the App. There is an antenna which worked for both receiving and transmitting signals. These devices are not large in size and can be easily installed. Car trackers are also used for increasing the security of the car.

There are many car tracking system companies in the market who say that their devices are very easy to operate. The process of installing these devices is very similar to other. Mentioned below are some points that must be followed for proper installation of the tracker.

Location of the Trackers

The location of the tracker system is obtained by the purpose of installing them. The system must be installed in a hidden place if the system would be used for security purposes. The system should be installed in such a way that it can’t be found just by looking around. According to the leading car security system companies, the most perfect area for hiding a tracking system is under the vehicle. There are other places where the tracker can be hidden. They are:

  • Under the seat
  • Keep beneath the glove box
  • In Between the grill and the radiator
  • Inside the plastic layer of the door panel
  • Underneath the carpet of the car

What Will Position of the Tracker?

After setting the location, the user must secure a path for the power source. Installer must make sure that the connection from the power source should reach the tracker. The user must also be sure that the tracking device is properly attached to the car so that it will not fall during the movement of the car.

How to Connect Power to the Tracker?

There are two types of trackers that are manufactured by car tracker manufacturers. One tracker has its power source attached to the body. Another type of tracker is hard-wired to the car for drawing power from the battery.


  1. Hardwired Car Tracking System

The installation of this system is a little complicated. But these trackers have lots of security functions. They are small in size and are very easy to conceal in the car. The users would have to connect the wires from the trackers to the power source of the car.

  1. Tracker with Dedicated Battery

Some trackers are big in size and can’t be concealed. As the batteries of the tracker to be recharged after some time. But they are very easy to install and are very user-friendly.

How to do Software Installation?

All the data that are coming by the trackers are converted into a readable format by the software of the tracker. This software can be installed in either a Cellphone or any other devices. These software Applications are provided by the car tracking system company along with their devices. With the help of this App, one obtains real-time location from the tracker installed in the Vehicle.

By following the above steps anyone can easily install the car trackers and secure their car. So before installing the trackers remember the purpose of installing them. If necessary seek the help of the car mechanic for installing them.


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