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How to Have a Clean Business: A Detailed Guide

Are you investing enough into customer satisfaction?

It takes more than just competitive prices to drive satisfaction. Consumers want accessibility, selection, and stellar customer service.

When people think of “customer service” they think of friendliness, prompt service, and fast refunds. All this is true. However, an overlooked aspect of customer service is a clean business.

A great attitude doesn’t mean much when your store shelves are trashed. That puddle in aisle nine isn’t winning any hearts and minds either.

In fact, 93% of consumers say that dirty carpets ruin a company’s credibility. First impressions are everything. If carpets alone can turn off customers, imagine what a gross bathroom can do.

It’s time to get serious about cleaning. Follow these easy steps for a shinier, healthier business!

Set Ground Rules In the Office

Cleanliness has always been critical for business operations, especially food and medical businesses. Recent worldwide events have put even greater pressure on public-facing industries to step up their game.

It isn’t just food, medical, and retail businesses that need to improve. Consulting services, offices, IT, and even home-based businesses must prioritize cleaning.

As the world learns more about how viruses spread, it’s crucial to be mindful of airborne and surface contact.

You’ll learn more about reducing virus spread later. For now, set the following ground rules to encourage a cleaner work environment:

  • Wash your hands after every interaction
  • Wash your hands after using the bathroom
  • Wear masks while interacting
  • Practice social distancing in the office
  • Ensure the bathroom is clean after every shift
  • Dust and clean windows, shelves, and floors daily
  • Disinfect surfaces, doorknobs, and countertops
  • Practice proper ventilation

There are a few ways to maintain consistency with cleaning standards.

You could have your staff read and sign a cleaning policy. Make sure to post the policy in the staff breakroom or common area. You can also quiz new employees on standards.

Managers should keep a rotating cleaning schedule so that each employee does their part. This method works great for small businesses with a few employees. However, it can be challenging to maintain these standards as your business expands.

Hire Commercial Cleaning Services

Large and mid-sized companies would benefit from hiring a commercial cleaning service. However, your employees should remain diligent about cleaning.

There are different types of professional cleaning services. If you manage a mid-sized office, you could hire one to two cleaning professionals. A small cleaning service, coupled with staff cleaning, would ensure a 24/7 sparkling office.

An office building would benefit from a bigger cleaning team. For example, if you manage a multi-floor publishing office, research larger cleaning services. For example, this company offers many janitorial services, like pressure washing, deep carpet cleaning, and more.

You could also hire an in-house cleaning professional. Non-profits, universities, and large corporations often have janitorial specialists on staff. Other cleaning companies would send you an invoice for their services.

Junk removal services are another option.

These services are great for companies that haven’t been cleaned in months. Junk removal experts clean out all trash and unwanted items. Remember, an unkempt business is an OSHA violation and safety hazard.

Another reason why business owners prefer commercial cleaning services is the professional-grade supplies. Cleaning pros use more effective disinfectants and supplies.

For example, they use powerful snaking tools to get rid of icky toilet clogs. They also use powerful steam-cleaning tools to clean stubborn stains. Janitorial services use buffing machines to make floors look good as new.

Think about which option works best for your company, employees, customers, and budget. If you can’t afford daily cleaning, you can always book weekly cleanings to save money.

Tips for Keeping Your Business Virus-Free

Consumers are much more mindful of viruses. Your business must respond accordingly to changing consumer behavior. Thus, virus prevention should be a part of your overall cleaning routine.

Consistent mask-wearing, handwashing, and social distancing are already standard. Make sure there is plenty of hand sanitizer on hand. You could also install hand sanitizer dispensers in entrances, conference rooms, and break rooms.

Fortunately, today’s commercial cleaning services already incorporate these standards into their routine cleaning. They also go the extra mile by purifying indoor air.

As consumers learn more about virus spread, they’re paying closer attention to indoor air quality. Cleaning services can help, but you also need to check your HVAC system. Dirty filters and old furnaces can pump allergens throughout the office.

Trapped moisture also leads to hazardous mold.

If your business smells musty, you may have a mold problem. This issue is often caused by poor humidity control. Your HVAC system should also regulate humidity levels.

Communicate Your Commitment to Customers

Customers want to know if you’re as committed to cleanliness as they are. Communicate your commitment to cleaning to keep the trust of customers.

Create a sign with your company’s cleaning standards and post it at the entrance. Sprinkle a few signs inside the business as well, especially in bathrooms and changing rooms. You could include a sign at the check-out counter, as well.

Do you use email marketing? Send out an email highlighting your new cleaning protocols. You could also discuss your changes on the company’s Facebook page.

Encourage customers to do their part too. Gently remind customers about handwashing, masks, and social distancing. It’s important to stay prepared in the event of another pandemic.

A Clean Business Is a Happy Business

Don’t pay the high costs of a messy floor. Remember these tips as you clean your workplace from top to bottom.

Do you have everything you need to keep a clean business?

Remember to communicate cleaning protocols to staff and customers. Consider hiring a commercial cleaning service. Make virus spread prevention a part of your everyday cleaning routine!

Follow the blog to discover more tips for business owners.

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