How to Find a Spanish Speaking Car Lawyer to Deal With an Accident

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Have you or your loved one been in a recent car collision? If this has just happened to you, then you are in good company. In the US, there are over 5 million car collisions every year.

These kinds of collisions are also extra stressful if you have to navigate the claims process and English isn’t your first language. If you were recently in one of these collisions, you may be wondering how to find a foreign language speaking car lawyer to help your case.

Find out more in this article on how to find a Spanish-speaking car lawyer to deal with an accident.

You’ll soon see how one of these legal pros can show you how to pilot the court system to help you represent your family member’s case. Then your loved one can direct their focus on the immediate task like working through their car crash recovery treatments and reclaiming their overall good health.

What Kind of Car Accident Help Will You Need?

Spanish-speaking car accident lawyers can provide both defendants and victims with legal representation when disputes occur. An auto accident lawyer is an expert in tort law.

They can also use their expertise to guide a legal claim through the justice system or negotiate with the appropriate insurance companies. Some other areas an auto accident attorney can help you through includes:

Meet Your State’s Statute of Limitations

These laws specify how much time victims have to file their legal claims with their local justice system. If victims don’t file a claim before these deadlines, they won’t receive a settlement to pay for their damages.

Demand for Compensation

A car accident attorney can prepare a demand for compensation on behalf of their clients. These demands are mailed to those responsible for the accident as well as their insurance company.

A demand letter will summarize the victim’s injuries. It also includes how much the victim needs to pay for them. This demand letter will also include other background information on how the other party is responsible for the client’s damages.

Challenges With Finding Legal Help in Spanish

If you’re having a hard time finding a Spanish-speaking lawyer, don’t criticize yourself too much. The truth is, that US law firms are still working on recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce that represents the many cultural demographics in this country.

A 2020 survey from the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) revealed that only 27 percent of law firm associates are people of color. Barely 4 percent of these law firm attorneys are Hispanic.

Ways to Find a Spanish Speaking Car Lawyer

Finding Spanish-speaking vehicle crash assistance might feel like an overwhelming task. The good news is that there are some easy steps you can take today to find the help you need. Here are a few of them:

Leverage Your Inner Network

Tap your co-workers, neighbors, family, or friends to see if they have a line on a Spanish-speaking lawyer that they would recommend. Sometimes a personal reference is the most reliable reference you can have.

Ask an attorney that you know and can trust for their opinion on available legal help in Spanish. You can ask any attorney, even if they don’t practice in car accident or personal injury claims. They may have a colleague that could assist you with your case.

Do Online Research

You can run an attorney search at databases such as Martindale Hubbell or Avvo which provide information such as practice areas, languages spoken, and other attorney reviews.

You can also contact the American Bar Association (ABA) to find a Spanish-speaking attorney. The ABA is a nationwide organization of attorneys who fight hard to maintain a fair legal process in the US.

You can also check your state bar association or county association’s lawyer directory, which will include a list of attorneys and their specialties within your area.

For example, you can find a Houston auto accident lawyer here that can serve your needs.

Watch For Cultural Sensitivities

When you do find a Spanish-speaking lawyer, study their behaviors to see if they understand your cultural norms.

An effective bi-lingual lawyer can do more than just translate words. They respect the norms and sensitivities of foreign cultures.

For example, citizens in certain Latin American countries may not trust their local law enforcement because there is a high level of corruption with these officials.

A Spanish-speaking car lawyer will be sensitive to these fears and understand if their clients aren’t comfortable sharing all the details of their accident upfront with the police.

Some law firms allow non-English-speaking clients to fill out their legal assistance forms in their primary language. The Spanish-speaking lawyer will then translate their data into English for all other legal or court documents.

Questions to Ask a Car Lawyer

Once you find some potential attorneys to hire, it’s time to interview them to find the one that’s the right match for you. Some questions you can ask a car lawyer might include:

  • How long have you been practicing law?
  • What area of law is in your field of expertise?
  • What is your experience in helping bi-lingual clients with a car accident?
  • Do you have any pending disciplinary actions against you?
  • What are your professional fees?
  • Can you provide a free initial consultation?

What Should Your Next Steps Be?

Visit your local bar association and find those legal professionals that list Spanish-speaking services available. Ask your family members or attorney friends if they can recommend one of these professionals.

When you’re ready to interview a car lawyer, take this list of questions with you. Carefully watch how well the candidate responds to your cultural sensitivities.

Watch how they treat any Latino staff in their office to get more clues on their sensitivities.

Be sure to check out our website for other helpful guidance. No one should have to navigate this process alone. We can help you find the help you need while your loved one navigates that long, hard road back to good health.

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