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How to find a nice available domain name easily?

When starting a new business, One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face is finding a name that sticks in the user’s mind. Finding a name could be a very hard job unless you are a creative wizard.


With the rise of social media and search engines, Name has to be search friendly and easy to rank in the search as well.

Why does the business name matter?

Business name is important and if you are reading this, you probably know it already, But here are two main reasons why the business name becomes more important, 

Creates Identity

Brand name, business name, Whatever we call it, the thing that matters is that this is the name that represents what you do, your team, and everything you want to achieve, 

Apple, Google, 3M, All people who use their product may not know about their founders or their current CEOs, but they trust this brand, because over the years with the consistent performance they have built an identity that precedes anything that they do.


The most important thing about a name of any kind is that it has to be memorable, The whole point of a name is to be remembered by, Any business name, should be memorable and therefore, It has to be simple and to the point, Even when companies have used big complicated names, their acronym is more commonly used by the general population, Like Yahoo, AT&T, etc.

What is a good name for a business?

Now, we have understood what makes a good business name, Let’s see few things to keep in mind before selecting the business name,

Don’t pick a name that could be limiting as your business grows.

When finding a business name, It might be tempting to keep the business to the point of the business, but you should always make sure that your business name is not the factor for limiting the company growth.


For example, would have been limited compared to, Kentucky’s Fried Chicken, which was renamed KFC.

Get the .com domain name.


Internet presence is important for any business, And making sure that presence is safe, secure and trustable is just as important, 


For that, before finalizing on any name, you should make sure that .Com variation for the business name is available. It is really important for short term SEO rankings and long term brand name protection as well.

Use a name that conveys some meaning

Business names should try to convey what you stand for in some ways. This is not a compulsory condition as names like Apple, Google has built their legacy without the perfect name. 

On the other hand, there are many companies that have names that show meaning, like Southwest Airlines, Mailchimp, and many more.

So when finding a name, Try to find a name that clearly shows your value and what you stand for. If you don’t know how, Keep reading, there is one simple way to do it.

Make sure you are personally happy with the name

Entrepreneurs build a business with a lot of passion and put a lot at risk, If you are ready to do the same then it is important that you love the name,


You should be happy to yell that name from the top of your lungs, So above all other factors the main thing should be that you are personally happy with the name.

Characteristics of Ideal domain:

Now, If you have find and selected the name, It is time to find the ideal domain, the virtual address of the business, Here are few things to keep in mind for selecting ideal domain,

Use keywords in your domain name search

In the new digital world, Keywords are the way to find things, blogs, and business. Having keywords in the domain can really help in establishing the branding of the business, As well as help in pumping up the ranking in google search, youtube search, and social media as well.

Keep your domain name short

While adding keywords can be helpful, You shouldn’t stuff it with keywords just for the sake of it, Like, SEOagencyinLosAngeles.Com, This type of domains do more harm then good for the business, 


Always keep the domain short, Because short domains are easier to spell out, easier to remember, which is really important for domains.


Also, Having short and unique name makes it easy to use in any situation from hashtags, social media profiles, press releases etc.

Avoid hyphens in the domain name

Now, there is no rule to not have hyphens in the domain name, But when talking about business and domain name, people generally don’t say hyphen,


Meaning, If you have a hyphen in your name, then you will have to be extra careful when talking about your business anywhere, otherwise, it will lead the users to the wrong websites with your marketing hard work.

Avoid doubled letters

Double letters are very confusing when it comes to typing out the domain name, so make sure there are none.


Pronunciation of words with double letters is usually the same as of the one letter, which again makes it really hard to recall and type it out for the search.

If your brand is established then it shouldn’t be a problem, but in the beginning, it could be a major disadvantage.

Leave room to expand

Try to find a core name domain, Here’s what I mean, There could be or,

Now, the benefit of choosing the first is that it is the core brand name and later if the company expands into new ventures they can find name according, like


Most big corporations prefer to keep a center brand and grow accordingly. If you have big plans for the future, keep it in mind.

How to find a great domain for free with


Finding a great name is hard, so browsedomain have come up with simple concept to come up with names like Mailchimp, Appsumo, Sendfox.

The idea is to have one buzzword of the industry and a second random word, both combined creates a great name that is easy to remember and still relevant to the industry.

In the beginning section, you can type out any buzzwords and for the ending have random words, then click combine to find a list of names for your next business.

You can check the availability of the domain, right there and then as well.

Good luck with your new business venture, do make sure to drop your domain name down under for us to checkout.

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