How to Deal with Stress Before Exams


As you most probably know already, stress is not always negative. In fact, it’s a defensive mechanism of the human body. Stress is a reaction to certain discomfort factors that can motivate and boost you when overcoming difficulties.

Still, it’s not always easy for people to function under pressure. That’s especially critical for students during their exam session time. It is a common problem: every year, there appear 20 to 50% more students requiring professional help from psychologists and psychotherapists because of their study-related stresses and mental exhaustion.

It’s not always enough to just visit and win more time to prepare for an upcoming exam by ordering professional paper assistance. To help you cope with the challenges easier, here are some recommendations.

Don’t Forget about Breathing

Controlling your breath along with spending up to 10 minutes on meditation and consciousness can be helpful. During that breathing session, you’ll feel better by concentrating on where you are and how you feel here and now instead of worrying about the upcoming test.

As a result, you’ll be more rational about the fears dominating you and more likely to find working solutions and effective templates. Meditation and mindfulness can help you be effective. All you need to do is give them a try.

Set Up Your Sleep, Exercising, and Diet

Here is your first thing to remember: an all-nighter may help you get a better grade once, but it is not working during exam marathon runs. The situation becomes even sadder when a worried student forgets to eat and move normally.

To boost the overall performance of your body, give it all the required resources: 7 to 9 hours of normal and calm sleep, little to no caffeine, enough tasty and useful meals with slow carbohydrates, and of course, at least 1.5 liters of water daily. It will be perfect if you spend at least 20 minutes per day exercising. Or at least try walking two or three laps around the dorm building.

Be a Realist

It is important to be realistic about your aims and possibilities according to the amount of time you’ve got at your disposal. Like, the knowledge of what exactly you can and want to reach within the period you’ve got till the deadline will let you distribute your energy to gain maximum results on the one hand, and to counter the possible burnout on the other one.

Control Your Fears

You are not the only one panicking. When the exam time comes, the overwhelming majority of students feel frightened. In case there are signs of anxiety or fear covering your mind with that cold curtain, don’t let them paralyze you. Breath in deeply several times, drink some water, and then start or continue solving your ongoing trouble.

Here is a sub-tip: perceive big trouble as a roasted steak. You can’t finish it rapidly without dividing it into parts. However, if you cut small pieces off it, the process of eating will be much easier and tastier, won’t it?

Moreover, rational and relatively simple solutions exist for almost all student troubles. You should only let yourself think to find your one.

Limit Facebook Time

Well, actually, making a conscious step away from Facebook and Instagram will reduce your level of stress significantly. What’s the deal?

The point is, social media and likely online services (for instance, YouTube) are exclusively good at one thing. They are perfect time killers. Ineffective time distribution (aka procrastination) is the greatest enemy of students if they want to succeed during their exams. Stop losing time!

Moreover, your peers will most probably have the same trouble, so there will be the only conversation topic to discuss while chatting via messengers. Why shouldn’t you try cutting off that channel of someone else’s worries to reduce your own anxiety and boost performance?

Talk to Someone

In case you feel that you need help, don’t be too shy to ask about it. Just like many students come to and order paper assistance, you can simply ask your family members, friends, or even tutors to help you deal with your feelings before exams. As we mentioned already, it’s nothing bad to ask for professional medical help, too.

You’ll Make It!

Here comes the main point. If you are a student passing exams at high school or college, you have more than enough experience behind your back. You are the veteran of exams! And you passed nearly all of them if you’ve got that far with your education.

You dealt with all the challenges in your way. So, there is no doubt you’ll be able to pass through this one. Be cool, stay calm, and prepare well. You are the best!


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