How To Create A Successful Link Building Campaign

Link Building Campaign
Link Building Campaign

Markets are oversaturated with supply nowadays. On the one hand, it offers countless options for consumers to choose from. On the other hand, you as a business owner may struggle with reaching out to your audience and making them your customers. Link Building 

That makes promotion crucial for any brand, so a successful marketing campaign is game-changing. Let us explain why you want to include backlinks in your strategy and how you can make it effective in 2021.

The Key Factors For A Strong Backlink Profile

What is the first thing you do when you want to find something? We bet you go to Google’s query box and type your request. In the case of content promotion, your goal is to pop up on the top of search results to let people see and choose your product.

Link building aims at interaction with search engine algorithms, making them rank you higher. The more websites link to you, the more “votes of confidence” you have, and the more trustworthy and valuable your content seems to Google or other search engines.

Among multiple link building strategies, look for the one that works best for you. However, some factors can strengthen your profile and maximize performance, whatever way you choose:

  • produce high-quality content that adds value to your customers and will be worth linking to;
  • choose websites and web pages of high authority that link to you;
  • look for sources of a similar niche;
  • backlinks should be placed organically and naturally in the content, wrapped in the relevant anchor text, and surrounded by an appropriate context.

If you do not follow these principles of link building, you will get at best no results. Moreover, it can harm your ranking or even endanger the existence of your website for the users of search engines. So be selective about the backlinks you choose for your profile.

Of course, you can simply reach out to website owners and request a link. But there are tons of other tactics that are more effective and result in better outcomes. Here, we will not reinvent the wheel, but show you the best link building tactics that work best in 2021.

Write For Others

Regular blog posting is something a great business cannot live without. That is why many successful blogs accept guest posts. So, by creating content for other people, you both will benefit.

Guest posting is a way to present your expertise to a new, wider audience and in this way get a new source of traffic. Write a piece of content that would be interesting or useful to the readers of the chosen website and insert the backlink in the best way. This link should only complement the body of the content but not be in the main focus.

In this way, you can reach out to people globally and locally. For instance, building USA backlinks works well if you write for the relevant domain. As a result, people will follow the link directly and boost your statistics, but also a new quality backlink will work for you.

Upgrade Your Mentions

Brand mentions are a point of pride for any business owner. If other people refer to your words, ideas, content, or product, that means you have done something valuable. But you can go a step further and use that for building your backlink profile.

Contact the creator of the content that has the mention in it and ask politely for adding a link to your web page. Most likely, you will get what you want, as it takes nothing to complement a piece of content with a link. Especially if they already like you.

Revive Dead Backlinks

Broken links are invalid, they link to a non-existing or a broken web page. They harm your backlink profile and therefore your rankings and the overall performance. That is why website owners are always happy to get rid of them, so it is also about cooperation.

Dead links are easy to indicate with special tools and extensions. To add another link in your backlink jar, reach out to the website owner and let him or her know about a broken link on the page. Offer nicely to replace it with a link to your website. Done!

Design a Tool

If you have enough resources for creating an asset or tool, you will get a drastic boost to your link building process. If your tool is valuable and useful, people will tell others about it in their posts. And it cannot happen without a link to your web page.


Earning backlinks is all about collaboration with other business and website owners. The more effort you put into this process, the more quality backlinks you build. Using and combining our link building tactics, you will gain fast results straight away. More importantly, they will work for you in the long run.



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