How to create a narrated PowerPoint Presentation with DemoCreator


Have you ever thought of recording a PPT screen with the PowerPoint screen recorder?It’s possible with DemoCreator software. This software lets you record the PowerPoint screen with high- quality videos. DemoCreator can easily turn slide decks into high-quality videos. Aside from being visually appealing and interactive, these videos forever preserve your PowerPoint. DemoCreator program is the perfect program for the students and employees of the companies.

The video creation platform goes beyond capturing slide templates. It allows users to record their webcam and narration giving a standard slideshow a more personal and authentic feel. Showing the actual presentation with your face and voice connects the viewer to your topic, grabbing their attention and improving comprehension of your key points.

This really makes the PowerPoint screen recording very simple with the help of Wondershare DemoCreator. Here we are going to show you how to record PowerPoint presentations step by step.

How to do PowerPoint presentation recording

Wondershare DemoCreator is one of the best PPT screen recording software for naive users. For any user who wants to start their career in video editing and YouTube, this software will help you in achieving what you want. With this software, many YouTubers and content creators use this software to create videos. Content creators use this software to create gaming, study and many more tutorials.

With the help of this software, anyone can easily create high-quality videos so that they do their job like a pro. Below in this article, we have explained to you how can record and edit videos with DemoCreator. Plus you can also record the PowerPoint presentation with an audio file and post it on YouTube.

Step 1:

To start with the recording of the presentation, simply open up the application and click on the “New Recording” button. DemoCreator offers a screen recorder available for desktop devices. The program is capable in recording the webcam and screen of your computer together so you can also use it for the picture in picture.

Step 2:

As you click on the “New Recording” button, a small window will open up. A frame will open on your screen which can be adjusted according to the area you want to record. You can adjust the size of the screen either you can decrease the size of the window or you can increase the window size.

Step 3:

You can choose the audio feature to record the audio file with any external microphone or system’s audioto give narration in your recorded PowerPoint presentation.

Step 4:

Also, with the camera feature you can adjust the resolution and frame rate of yourcamera recording.

Step 5:

The software also has anadvanced tab that let’s you use certain shortcut keys for quick performance.

Step 6:

Once you are ready and everything is setup you need to click on the big red colour “Recording” button to start capturing your PowerPoint presentation. Once you have recorded the PowerPoint presentation you need to click on the “Stop” button and then the program will open that recorded video in the video editor. Here you can edit your video to beautify it.

Add effects using the video editor

After recording, you will then enter to the editing interface, then you can do some editing to your videos.

Multi-track editing

Now after recording the complete video with audio narration and webcam feature it’s necessary to edit the video to bring out the best-optimised video to make it outstanding and attractive for the users to use. Add video files in the Media library by simply dragging and dropping the video to the timeline. You will find your webcam recording, screen recording and microphone recording on a different trackas itsvery useful for you to edit them because you don’t have to pitch them from one track.

Edit your screen recording

In the below-mentioned pointer, we are going to let you know how you can edit your videos with the help of certain features provided by the software. There is no such difficulty in editing the videos as there are few basic steps to follow. Features like splitting the video, crop the video, adding transitions and adding effects all this you can do easily without using downloading any extra feature as all this is itself provided by the software.

  1. Split the video

It’s very easy and handy to edit your videos with DemoCreator. For example, if you want to split the clip into two then select the latest recorded video and place it on your timeline. Now simply move the play marker and place it in the exact position from where you want to split the video. Keep the mark on that position and select the split option to make the required changes.

  1. Crop the video

Like splitting the video, it’s very easy to crop the video content. You all must have performed the crop edit on your picture to remove the excess part of the picture. Similarly, here you have to choose the crop option and resize the video as you wish to and click on the OK button.

  1. Pan and Zoom

The user can add this feature pan and zoom on particular points in a PowerPoint slide. This gives users the ability to showcase movement in their PowerPoint video and highlight importantpoints in the presentation. The viewer is able to follow along during the presentation as it gives a better understanding of the viewers.

  1. Insert:

You can insert previous recordings or add a video file to enhance your PowerPoint presentation. In case you forget to add a few pictures or videos this feature can help you add a few extra points to the presentation.

  1. PIP effects

With PIP effects, the software allows you to perform the layering of the videos. DemoCreator software is one of the best applications to create a picture-in-picture video. This feature can easily be performed on two different videos. You needto check the size of the second video to adjust it with the first video.

  1. Voice over

In case you miss out on any audio file in your video then you can simplyredo the voice-over by clicking on the ‘Narrate’ option and re-record the audio for a particular section of the audio you want to edit.

Publish and share the video

This software is mainly used by content creators and YouTubers who want to publish gaming, study and many more tutorials. After recording the video and performing the editing of the video, you should know how to publish your work on different social media platforms. Your work can be shared directly on all the social media platforms and saved on your system.


We hope that you must have learnt how to record a PowerPoint presentation with the DemoCreator. To understand it properly go through each step and perform it accordingly as all the steps are mentioned clearly and through this, you can easily understand how to record and edit the PowerPoint video. Other than DemoCreator one can also go for a different presentation recorder that would assist you similar type of edition and recording features. This softwareis just built to make the viewers understand well about the presentation. Adding voice overs and video enhance the level of the presentation fence making it look more eye-catching.

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