How To Bathe Your Dog Without Dog Shampoo

How To Bathe Your Dog Without Dog Shampoo

Cleaning your dog is essential, and helps keep your dog healthy and away from dirt, odor, bacteria, and infection. However, there can be instances where you run out of shampoo, and your dogs need an immediate bath. While you can use human shampoo, it can do more harm than good as the pH of a dog’s skin is different from that of human skin.

Here is a list of a few tips on how to bathe and clean your pup without a shampoo.

1. Dish soap shampoo

The dish soap is known to remove the oil and grease from your dishes. The formula effectively removes all kinds of oil and sticky grease, even when it’s on your dog’s fur. However, please do not use them directly on your dog’s skin as it contains certain harsh chemicals.

  • Take half a cup of white vinegar in a bowl.
  • Add a quarter a cup of dish soap to the bowl.
  • Now add two cups of water.
  • Mix it well and pour the mixture in a spray bottle.

Spray your dog with the shampoo and rinse off with water.

2. Wet wipes

Wet wipes are handy, and you should always have a pack of wet wipes at your home. You can use them to clean your dog when he is not that dirty, and a shampoo bath may not be required.

They also come handy when you take your dog on a walk, and it accidentally steps on something. You can also use wet wipes to clean your dog’s paws before they step on the carpet or get into the car.

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3. Baking soda

Some dog breeds do not enjoy the water as much as other dog breeds. In such a case, you can use a waterless shampoo from the market. Most of these shampoos are available in the form of foam, spray, or powder. They are very useful and fast but can be costly. Get use Entirely Pets Discount code to get amazing offers on these products.

However, you can also make an effective homemade dry shampoo to clean your pup.

  • First of all, brush your dog’s fur to remove tangles, dirt, and debris.
  • Now take the appropriate quantity of baking soda depending on the size of your dog.
  • Sprinkle the soda on your pup and massage gently with your fingers.
  • Now take a wet cloth and wipe the baking soda off your dog’s body.

4. Castile soap

Castile soap is olive-based soap that you can use to wash your pup. It contains natural ingredients and will nourish the coat and skin of your dog.

  • Take half a cup of liquid castile soap in a bowl and mix it with a quarter cup of white vinegar.
  • Add a tablespoon of glycerine and two tablespoons of water to the mixture.
  • You can also add a few drops of essential oil at this stage.
  • Pour it into a spray bottle, and your dog shampoo is ready.

Spray your dog with this homemade mixture and rinse off with water clearing all residues in the process.

5. Dog spray

A dog spray is suitable for those times when your dog is in an urgent need for a bath, but either you don’t have dog shampoo or ample time to give him a thorough bath. Dog sprays will freshen up your dog and will improve the doggie odor. They are quick and effective. Some of these sprays are also able to detangle the fur and make the brushing much more manageable. There are various dog sprays available in the market, and the best part is you can carry this anywhere with ease.

These are some of the ways to clean your pup without a dog shampoo. These methods are useful on their own. However, you can use a combination of one or two methods to achieve the desired results.


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