How Schools become Smart using School Management Systems!


School Management Systems are instrumental in converting regular schools into smart schools. It is also known by several names:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Student Management Systems
  • Learning Management System (LMS)

They assist with running an educational establishment efficiently and productively. They consist of various features that help all the communities and stakeholders lessen their work burden and obligations.

Role a School Management System plays

A School Management System provides you with a disentanglement strategy for your school functions. It is a cloud-based system that reports, records and archives every critical thing for present or future reference. This takes care of efficiency, precision and excellence. It is designed to make life easier for faculty, students, parents and school administrative staff. Every stakeholder gets their own account. It is used to secure information. The sessions, courses, divisions, events, notices, assignments, timetables, attendance everything will be secured.

You can assess your group well, do the assignments online and submit them from your account. There are timely reminders and notifications for the tasks lined up for you never to miss them. The kids need not get nervous about missing a class in case of any unpredictable event because the School Management System gives them access to all the activities and lesson plans on all subjects via a single platform.

How does it benefit teachers?

A versatile School Management Systems streamlines the actions for the students, teachers and the staff too. The teachers can access their records, sift through the tasks and assignments given, assess them, provide feedback and submit results; all you can do online from the comfort of their homes sitting on a gadget with a secure internet connection. The system of evaluation and feedback ensures that the parents and teachers can discuss the students’ academic standing and improvement areas.

In case a student is unable to deliver any assignment within the designated period, the teacher can track it online and message or email or call the student to discuss the difficulties. And once the problem area is identified, troubleshooting can be done in real-time. A smart school makes everything easy and accurate for the teachers and the students.

They support the instructors and the students and provide ample support to the guardians and parents of the kids. The students are getting better mentorship than ever before in the history of education. They get regular updates about the activities, marks, completion of assignments, performance of their kids and many more things. They can track whether their kid has reached the school or not via GPS tracking available in their mobile apps.

Everything in a smart school is planned and recorded at one place. Using cloud-based technology, which can be accessed and opened at any point in time with the internet’s availability. It will ensure the smooth functioning of the educational institution. It supports everyone involved in the education process without ignoring the parents, making it truly incredible.

Certain features make them truly indispensable in the 21st century. Let us discuss them one by one.


There is a live chat function that helps you chat in real-time with your colleagues, teachers and students. No specific server for chats is required. The admin can supervise all the chats to maintain the security and rules of the organisation. All the queries of the participants are cleared in a short time. Also, nobody will miss out on any conversation despite joining late because you can access the recorded conversation anytime, even after joining late.


The kids don’t have to die of boredom due to the traditional classroom setup’s monotonous nature. They can enjoy learning through images, videos, podcasts, audios, animations and other multimedia, which are way more engaging and interactive than textbook learning in the old fashioned manner.


They also offer a fee module that categorises the various fee and expenses head of an educational institution/ the parents can track and pay the expenses pending by looking at their kids’ accounts through the software application. They can then decide about making instalments and payments without any further ado.


They also provide an ‘alert’ feature in the software application. Regardless of whether the information is small or big, it sends alerts and notifications to everyone. You will be informed about everything right from a small class test, assignment submission to the annual function at school through the alerts and notifications via apps or SMS or emails.


All the parents have to do is click on their mobile phones to access their child’s activities, attendance, performance, and information. Therefore, the parents can assess in which areas their kid needs their help. This enhances their involvement in their child’s overall development and education.


In smart schools, the Student Management Systems automate the libraries too. They bid goodbye to the old fashioned library systems and march parallel with technology. The staff and the students can apply to issue a particular book online and collect it whenever available. They are notified about the availability through the app. Every information related to the name of the book, date of issue, permit, etc., is recorded in the cloud-based software. This system also keeps track of lost books and utilises the records for any references required in the future.

Owing to the immense benefits, you should go for an excellent Student Management System to turn your school into a smart school. Install it as soon as possible in your educational institution to stay ahead of others in these tough times. Take an active part in the transformation of the education system in India and the world.


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