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How Much Does Sump Pump Repair Normally Cost?

When it’s raining outside, you want to know that your sump pump is working. But if you awaken to a wet basement, it’s time to look into repairing your sump pump. After all, you don’t want to deal with continual flooding and water damage in your basement.

Curious to learn more? Read on to learn how much sump repair normally costs — and what you can expect!

Learn What a Sump Pump Does

A sump pump sits in a pit in the lowest portion of your basement. A pump is a machine that normally doesn’t do much — until it starts raining outside. When the ground soaks to a point where rainwater starts to collect in the pit, the pump starts working.

Sump pumps tend to be quiet, but you should be able to hear them working during a heavy rainstorm. Ultimately, the sump pump pumps water out of the pit and toward a storm drain. Without one, you might be dealing with a flooded basement.

What Are the Reasons for Repairing a Sump Pump?

Are you seeing water pooling in your basement? That’s the most obvious clue that your sump pump is not functioning. Normally, the water will activate the pump to keep your basement dry.

With a pump that isn’t doing anything, it could be that it’s simply reached the end of its functioning life. Or it may have a wiring issue or a clog. Unless you are a trained electrician, you’re better off handing the repair responsibilities to someone else.

Look for signs of rust on sump pumps, too. Excessive rust could mean that the structural integrity of the pump is in poor shape. And a pump the keeps running is a sign that you should replace it.

Know the Sump Pump Repair Cost

The sump pump repair prices can range from around $100 to over $1,000. This will depend on the severity of the issue and the scale of your pit.

Wondering how to repair a sump pump? While you can purchase one and install it, you’d be wise to hand this task to a pro. Click for more information on why that’s the best idea.

Pumps may be connected to your electrical system, and the proximity to water raises the risk of electrocution. And if you don’t install or repair the sump pump properly, you raise the risk of costlier repairs later.

Consider the installation costs, as well. If you need to install a new sump pump, you could be spending over $1,000 in some instances. You can expect a sump pump to last around a decade, so if yours is nearing that milestone, get it checked.

The Cost of Sump Pump Repair Is Worth It

When it comes to sump pump repair, it’s worth the time and hassle of pursuing it. You’ll save yourself money down the road by avoiding a flooded basement. And you’ll be happy to hand off the repairs to a skilled professional.

For more tips to help your home remain in good shape, check back for new articles!


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