How much does a freelance SEO specialist make?

How much does a freelance SEO specialist make?

If you have landed on this page then for sure you want to know the scope of the SEO profession in the market. Scope like if you are the SEO expert then how much you can earn with it? The best thing is that if you have the SEO skills then you can work as a freelancer or you can do a job in any digital marketing firm. First of all I want to clear one thing: there is no exact number of the earnings you can earn with SEO. This all depends on how expert and professional you are in SEO.

According to the survey the average salary of an SEO in the USA is 53,000 USD. If the salary is high, you can estimate how much you can earn as a freelancer. There are few factors on which the earning of the SEO specialist matters. Being an expert in SEO this will motivate you in the mean of how much you can earn if you start your freelancing career in SEO Field.

1. Where You Are Living?

The first factor is where you are living? I mean where you are doing freelancing. Every country has a different scope of freelancing earning. For example if you are in the USA then you can earn good with the SEO freelancing, as compared to if you are doing freelancing in any Asian country. So if you are a freelancer and want to earn extra money with freelancing then make sure you are targeting the region where you can earn a good profit. This approach will help you in earning more profit and it will also guide you how to survive in the competition.

2. For What Type of Person You are Freelancing

The nature of the client matters a lot. If you are a freelancer then make sure you have good terms with your client. Some freelancers are working with the agencies, and some are working for the individuals. In my recommendation, if you are working for an individual, that can be hectic for you, because the individual person usually is a non technical person. So it is difficult to deal with a non technical person, so make sure you are dealing with the agencies. Because they have proper team and management so you can work smoothly.

3. How Much Experience Do You Have?

The amount of earning depends on the years of experience you have. I mean the client always prefers the experienced person, and if you are working on any freelancing platform like fiverr and upwork then your rating will define your experience. So make sure you have a good rating on the platforms, and have years of experience. The freelancer with the more rating is preferred by the new clients. So whenever you complete the job make sure you have get the rating from the client.

4. Niche of the Service

There are many domains in SEO in which you can provide your services and could earn good profit. Different niches like keyword research, competitor analysis, on page SEO, link building, off page SEO and many more. So you have two choices either you work on the complete SEO freelancing or you can offer the services in different niches


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