How AI-powered Digital Signage Effectively Communicates with Your Clients and Employees?

Digital Signage
Digital Signage

The digital advertising world sees a tremendous amount of transformation if we compare it to the last few years. After the global pandemic hit the world, digital advertising is the last resort that every marketer clings to. In 2021, we can confidently say that Digital SignageDigital Signage advertising has genuinely replaced the traditional print media approach.

A study done in 2020 showcased that the average purchase amount of products has increased by 29%, all because of the implementation of digital signage. Thus, today we will be looking at how digital signages software helps a business grow its market and how AI works as a backbone of Digital signages software.

What Is Digital signage software?

Before we dive deep into technical terms and describe the influence of AI in digital signage, we first need to define what Digital signage software is and its usage in business marketing. A digital signage software is a system that centrally controls a content distribution platform that allows playback of digital content to one or many displays or screens simultaneously. The screens which are used for digital signages will relay information such as the live weather report, news, menus, flight schedule, calendars, and in most cases, advertisements.

The displays of digital signage can be found in both public and private places such as local retail stores, hotels, and restaurants. The discount offer, which is just too flashy and missed from every corner of the store, is also a kind of signage. If it is on a large screen, that makes it digital signage otherwise, it’s traditional signage.

Influence Of AI In Shaping Digital Signage Industry

AI from the very start was destined to change the whole world, and digital signage is another market that its implementation has transformed. The AI has made better offerings and came out with new opportunities for marketing a brand. Multifaceted tools do digital signage corporate communications, and with the addition of AI, its versatility expands, ensuring high Return On Investment (ROI). Given below are some of the crucial changes that AI and machine learning have brought in the field of Digital Signage.

Easier Data Collection

The primary purpose of digital signage is to spread out the required information to the most number of audiences. But, in 2021, it has become much more than just a spreader of the data. Now the users can collect the data with the help of AI. With the integration of facial recognition in the digital signages of Genexod, retailers can find out more about their customers and what attracts them in the first place. On the other hand, facial recognition comes with a drawback which is the privacy of the individuals. Likewise, the information collected can be used in real-time to make changes in the digital signage and make it more appealing to the masses.

Senior living digital signage can be quite helpful as these big displays can easily be seen from a distance, and elderly individuals can easily read out the displayed information without squinting their eyes.

Better Personalised User Experience

As humans, we are always looking for emotionally uplifting things. Even a robot that has no heart can provoke emotions if we give them facial expressions. Time and time again, research has given us the results that despite knowing the nature of the AI, people still tend to respond to it as if it’s a real person. As a result, AI is bringing a new paradigm to the personalized user experience, which digital signages is already so good at creating.

With the AI backing the digital signage of Genexod, the user can easily make the display more responsive and give personalized feedback to the customer via audio and display, making it a more personal and human-like experience, which is lacking in the current pandemic.

Interactive Interface

In addition to this, digital signage can be the system that greets your customers or clients and can keep up the conversation with them while introducing them to the different products and services along with discounts that your company offers.

You might have seen this digital signage in your local restaurant, where you can order food from the display and pay for it using the scanner. The consumer can easily see all the different options which they can take along with their nutritional values without waiting for some staff member to come and take their order.

In the near future, AI is going to transform how we do shopping. Customers can quickly scan the products which they are buying and pay for them without any human interaction. Also, with the help of digital signage, one can easily compare two products and find out which one is better for them. This will create the omnichannel shopping experience by bringing a number of components of online shopping to the offline world.

Relevant Content

The AI digital signage will help shopkeepers and restaurants in creating content that is based on the products which they are selling. For example, a special dish which is only available on Saturdays, the digital signages will play it only on Saturdays and on other days it can display the image showcasing a secret recipe with the video of diners who had tasted the dish along with their views on it so as to create hype about that dish. Whereas, on a sunny day when the sun is too hot to bear, AI-powered digital signages will automatically take in the information of the weather being too hot and then show the advertisement of sunscreen and an umbrella which a customer can buy from the shop.

In Conclusion

AI-powered digital signage from Genexod is the future of marketing, and with its installation, a company can make their client’s waiting time more entertaining and valuable. The entry of digital signages solutions has brought a powerful brand-building platform to companies which allows them to display the essential information about their services and products to the masses using high-quality content, graphics, and even videos.



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