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How a Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams Works Thru Direct Routing

With over a million users, it’s no wonder companies turn to Microsoft Teams for contact centre solutions. As people around the world transform to digital, organisations look for a contact centre solution to streamline collaboration and communications.

Do you want better productivity, enhanced customer experience, and improved analytics? In this post, Australia’s most experienced contact centre for Microsoft Teams will discuss how you can combine unified communication tools and a contact centre solution on the same platform.

Why are some companies still hesitant to implement Microsoft Teams?

With so many organisations using different Microsoft tools, including Azure and Office 365, choosing Teams as an integrated communications solutions is only to be expected. So why are some still hesitant?

These are the three common reasons:

  • Lack of experience in telecommunications
  • Calling plans aren’t capable of servicing remote locations
  • Support for phone systems doesn’t give as much functionality as a traditional PBX system

Microsoft as a company is contented with their current PBX solution. But still, integrating Teams with other Microsoft products gives small and medium-sized organisations an opportunity to improve their productivity.

Despite the reasons above, you shouldn’t ignore the efficiencies. Finding a solution that will connect Teams and a leading contact centre functionality is the key to overcoming communication issues and getting businesses to move forward with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Call Support

As of now, Microsoft Teams isn’t a dedicated solution for contact centres. However, you can still tap into its other advanced features like auto attendants and cloud call queues by upgrading your Microsoft Teams calling plan.

The calling plan solutions from Microsoft Teams are limited if you’re looking into establishing a contact centre for customer communication. It’s not a communications company, so you can’t expect to get the same communication features from other brands.

However, Microsoft doesn’t require businesses to use their native calling services like a phone system. You have the option to combine Teams experience with other phone features you need through Direct Routing.

What is Direct Routing?

Direct Routing is a process of routing Microsoft Teams to a traditional phone network or PSTN. It’s ideal for businesses who want to take advantage of Teams’ benefits while enjoying calling functionalities. With Direct Routing, you can use collaboration and unified communications all in one place.

Here are two ways to use the platform as a full-fledged business phone system or PBX:

  1. Microsoft Calling Plan – These call plans will essentially turn Teams into a fairly light-touch hosted PBX, firmly integrated with the rest of the platform’s functionality. This option may be quite expensive and is only available in some countries.
  2. Direct Routing – Let’s you connect Teams to a wide range of telephony providers. This means you can take advantage of affordable call rates, flexibility, and support.

In general, Direct Routing is an attractive option for different organisations as it provides true flexibility of picking your own telephony provider. However, remember that this is through certified Microsoft Partners, so maintain a verified integration with the Teams platform.

Building a Contact Centre Thru Microsoft Teams

Having access to direct Routing within Microsoft Teams opens the door for more business phone functionality. With the right service provider, you even have the ability to build an entire contact centre within Microsoft Teams.

Look for a dedicated contact centre solution that delivers all the standard features of an immersive contact centre, together with extra tools. For example, you can link your contact centre solution to other channels to enjoy omnichannel conversations, like SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Moreover, your company can unlock great tools like:

  • Smart digital Routing powered by AI
  • Proactive outreach through your client’s choice of channel
  • Easy channel management for email, voice, video, and social media
  • Connections to important apps like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce
  • Management of 360-degree customer journey
  • Self-service support with AI and bots
  • Performance monitoring
  • Options for full customisation options

An efficient contact centre for Microsoft Teams delivered through direct Routing will include everything from chatbots and self-service in the new age of customer experience. It’s the best way to get the most return on investment into Microsoft 365.

Do you want more flexibility for your business?

Microsoft’s calling plan doesn’t have much flexibility and offers absolutely no room for negotiation. But through Direct Routing, especially for any organisation that makes a reasonable amount of outbound calls (even more so if it’s international), becomes the obvious, right choice.

Get support from the right software partner to take your investment in Microsoft Teams to the next level and enjoy all the advanced contact centre features you need. You get the scalable and flexible Microsoft Team contact centre you need, complete with the convenient functionality that your employees want.

Currently, millions of companies and employees are choosing to work from home due to the pandemic. Your employees must stay connected to the business infrastructure and workforce to keep morale and productivity levels high and maintain the business functioning as normal.


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