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Home maintenance requires certain skill sets and knowledge on the subject. A home is a place where everyone feels safe and comfortable. So, it is important to maintain a refreshing ambiance at home. Some people may find it a big task to keep the houses neat and pristine.

The kitchen is the most used space in every home. People also find it harder to clean that area. The faucets, sinks, and AN fittings have to be monitored regularly to avoid blockages or leakages. These issues can create a mess in the house and make it a very unpleasant place to live. Here are some amazing tips for maintaining the household neat and spotless.


The kitchen and the restroom areas are the most affected areas in households. The taps, faucets, sinks, and floorings have to be taken special care of. There are many  DIY hacks to maintain households naturally. However, the stains, corrosion may destroy the originality of the house and the aesthetics.


Though every household installs stainless steel faucets, the deposit of dirt, limescale, strains makes it unpleasant. It will worsen the atmosphere, and the people visiting may also feel disgusted. In addition, the accumulation of limescale in the chalks appears to be chalky. These can be removed easily by applying lemon over for an hour, and the deposits can be scrubbed away with a scrub pad.

  • The other way to clear the stains or limescale covering is by using white vinegar and warm water. The taps can be wrapped with a cloth soaked in vinegar and warm water. After an hour, the deposits can be easily brushed away using a cloth or a toothbrush. The other common problems will be leakages, and they may cause stains on the floor, sinks, tiles, and others. Any problem with the AN fittings may develop unwanted issues. To avoid all these, fitting problems should be resolved immediately.


  • Use baking soda and water to remove slight corrosions or stains in the knobs. The knobs have to clean regularly to prevent causing infections.


  • Any issues with the pipes, taps, and drains must be noticed and repaired immediately to avoid consequences. The leakages may cause tough stains which are unremovable.


The glass doors need some special attention to maintain their gloss. The dust particles tend to settle on the glass surfaces easily. Cold or moderate weather is best suited for cleaning glass windows or doors. Even the handprints stick to the surface and make the glass translucent. To bring back the originality of the glass, the best formula is to clean it using vinegar mixed with warm water. The corners of the windows are difficult areas to clean. Using cotton swabs makes the work effortless and saves time. Once the glass has dried, it may leave marks of wiping. Use of squeegee or cleaning in a top to bottom motion can prevent leaving marks.


The floor tiles enhance the whole interior look of the house. The shiny and polished floorings are always attractive. Maintaining the tiles may require a series of processes. First, the debris accumulated has to be vacuumed regularly. Then, if the tiles look dull, it has to be mopped with detergents to regain the polished texture on the surface. If there are any stains on the floor, wiping it with vinegar removes all the stains. People have started using homemade cleaning agents made of natural ingredients and chemicals. These are economical and aren’t hard on the surface. The use of harder tools and abrasive chemicals should be avoided. Using concentrated chemicals may affect the texture and the surface.

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