Guide to Help You Determine Why to Adopt Large Format Scanning Outsourcing Service

Scanning Outsourcing Service
Scanning Outsourcing Service

Digitizing large format documents has numerous benefits.

For one thing, these documents usually contain vital information about your business, so you must make sure that they’re protected. And digital storage can make that much easier.

Then, there’s the hassle of storing large format paper documents, which can be instantly eliminated if you go digital, allowing your team to access them anywhere and anytime from their computers.

It also makes your team’s job easier on all fronts, making collaboration and edits a breeze.

But once you decide you want to go the digital route, another question arises – should you do it in-house or hire a large format scanning service to handle it for you?

To answer the question, let’s look at some of the biggest benefits outsourcing services can offer.

Predictable Costs

Taking on an ambitious digitization project is exciting. But it also brings a lot of uncertainty.

And one of the biggest variables that get business owners nervous is the potential cost that the project could come with, especially if they’re considering trying to handle the project independently.

After all, buying or renting specialized equipment, figuring out the software needs, and safely storing the newly-digitized images can balloon the costs much higher than initially anticipated.

Since few companies have previous experience in tackling similar projects, it’s understandable that accurately measuring the expenses will be difficult, if not outright impossible.

Meanwhile, outsourcing large format document service is an entirely different story.

These companies have years of experience in projects just like yours and know exactly what types of challenges there are likely to be, what equipment will be necessary, and how much time it will take.

That means they can accurately quote you for the project, allowing you to know how much you’ll need to spend and giving you more control over your budgeting.

Not to mention the fact that you won’t have to worry about planning everything yourself and can focus on running your business instead of organizing a project that you have little to no experience in.

Faster Turnaround

Large format paper documents may be inconvenient to use, but they are still an integral part of your day-to-day operations. That’s why you probably want to spend as little time as possible with the documents tied up in the digitization project and as much time using your newly-digitized documents.

But as mentioned in the previous section, tackling the project on your own can be unpredictable. It’s hard to know how long it might take, and you might suffer setbacks that will make the digitization efforts last even longer than you initially anticipated.

Luckily, most on site document scanning services that cater to businesses know the time-constraints that their customers face. And they have perfected a process that ensures the disruption is as minimal as possible.

The on-site part of the services is especially beneficial. It means that you won’t have to give away the documents to a facility outside of your office, which could cause further disruption and prolong the time you have to get by without the large format documents.

Instead, you can always have everything on-site, and any documents that aren’t being scanned at that moment can be made available to you and your team on request.

This means that while the digitization services provider is quietly working in the background, you can mostly conduct normal business activities while your records are being transferred to a digital format that will make things even easier in the near future.

The Right Equipment

The thing about large format documents is that they are not that common. At least when compared to traditional A4 format paper documents that are widely used across all industries.

That means that most printers and scanning devices used by regular businesses won’t be equipped to handle these large documents, either.

The only way to ensure that they are scanned quickly, effectively, and without losing the image’s quality is to hire out the process to someone who has invested the often large amounts of money that this type of equipment might cost.

So, while hiring a digitization company might seem like an expense, you are also getting exclusive access to equipment that would be very difficult to obtain otherwise.

You also save on a massive upfront investment that would be required should you try to buy the equipment yourself. And that massive investment would be hard to justify considering that you’d probably end up using it on only one or two projects.

Good business leaders know that while some tasks are better done internally, others are simply not worth it. The inconveniences and challenges that come with large format scanning definitely fall into the latter category in the vast majority of the cases.

Experienced Staff

The final reason you should hire on-site document scanning services for your large format records and blueprints is the experience that the provider can bring.

Large format documents not only require cutting-edge and specialized equipment it also comes with unique challenges that not even all document scanning professionals will be familiar with.

For this type of task, you need a scanning company that knows how to approach large format documents, especially if you want to rest assured that the results will be worth your time.

After all, even if you get the documents digitized, you need them to actually be useful. And for that to happen, the large format documents need to look good, maintain a good quality, and be convenient to view and work on for your team.

That means that it also requires special software that is secure, easy to access for everyone with authorization, and has all of the features necessary for making work simpler.

If you find a reputable and experienced large format scanning services provider, they can recommend a document management solution that will meet your requirements and ensure a productivity boost from the first day you start using it.

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Brandon Harris is the vice president of Smooth Solutions founded by his father Michael Harris, who has been a pioneer in the document scanning industry for over 35 years. A leading Document Scanning Company in Lodi, N.J., they are experts in providing bulk document digitization services, document management software, workflow management software, affordable book scanning services, ecm software and Convert Microfilm to Digital. They scan paper files, large format drawings, digitize books, convert microfilm to digital, etc. Prior to that, Brandon owned and operated a small bakery. Other than working to grow and improve his business, he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and family.

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