Guide for Using Your Water Cooler Safely


Almost every household nowadays has a water cooler installed for consuming relatively fresh water. With the water pollution increasing, the chances of tap water being unhealthy are higher than usual. Tap water is well filtered and drinkable, but it is open to contamination which brings about many infections and health problems to everyone.

Many cases of infection and water-borne diseases have been reported around the world; it is mostly because of contaminated tap water. Water coolers have built-in technology to filter the tap water into fresh water and provide clean, contamination-free healthy water. 

There are multiple water dispensers available in the market, which serve different purposes. Some have copper qualities, while others have RO+ and all the advanced features; these dispensers offer hot, cold, and normal water dispensing options allowing the consumers to have easy access. 

Let us read through the article to understand water dispensers’ working and how to use the water coolers safely. 


Why Water Dispenser?

Better health

Generally, tap water is used for consumption which has a higher probability of being exposed to bacteria, Chlorine, and other contamination through a tap or otherwise. The contaminated water causes infections to people with low immune systems; the kids fall prey to contaminated water and fall sick. Therefore, to prevent such water infections, water dispensers are used globally. It is used in office spaces to provide clean drinking water to employees and customers visiting there. 

It saves time and is convenient to use

The water dispensers can pour hot water into the glass/mug, which saves people a lot of time. It can be used to make instant coffee and tea without juggling to boil the stove’s water for a comparatively longer time. You can make hot and cold beverages like Tea, Coffee, Lemon drink, etc., within seconds without having to worry about using the stove. 


Using water dispensers saves a lot of money to office owners and even homemakers as the cost of buying water bottles to fulfill the daily requirements of employees or family members is much higher than investing once in these water coolers. The water cooler installation and maintenance is the only money you invest, and it fulfills the daily requirement easily.

It is estimated that when you use the water cooler safely, you can save up to 20-50% on your water expenses. Many companies like Cooee Water Filter system have been providing services for many years now. They have a wide range of water coolers, both free-standing and plumbed-in dispensers, as per your need. They suggest the best-suited water cooler according to the water quality of your area. 

Tips for safe use of Water Coolers. 

Cleanse and Sanitize

The water coolers at your office or home have built-in technologies to sanitize themselves, but they also need regular maintenance. There are some candles and plates inside the coolers that need to be cleaned and changed every six months. 

The regular check keeps the dispenser working fine and is safe to use for drinking water. You may also want to use anti-bacterial wipes, sprays, and other products to cleanse the coolers’ taps and dispensing area. 


Wash your hands

Ensure that you have washed or sanitized your hands properly before using the water cooler; it will not let the bacteria and infections spoil the water for further use. You can also put safety guidelines on the wall near the water coolers so that everyone using the dispenser knows which tips to follow while using the water cooler. The practice will help in building hygienic habits among employees and family members.  

Maintain a safe distance

Maintaining a distance of about 2mts is suggested when standing in line to use the water dispenser. It is a general health practice to always stand at an acceptable distance and never cough or sneeze without covering your mouth. 

Water coolers are the most visited place after washrooms; therefore, staying hygienic around it is expected out of every individual. Unnecessary touching or rubbing hands on the cooler, using your hands to drink water, or placing a bottle/mug/glass too close to the tap are not suggested at all. 

Final Words

Water purifying methods and techniques have been in use for ages now, from using grass and sand to purify water to the modern-day water dispensers and coolers, it has come a long way. Water cooler, when used safely, can prove to be a long-term investment and cost-effective to both business owners and homemakers. 

They provide relatively cleaner and fresher water to drink and save people from so many water-borne diseases and infections that have been affecting adults and kids equally around the world. Everyone should follow the basic hygiene rules around water coolers to keep them safe from getting dirty or unsafe to use for anyone. 

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