Guest Posting For Beginners: What, How and Where?


Many SEO experts argue that improper guest posting using the old methodology can only worsen a business website’s ranking. This is because recently Google published data on changes in search algorithms. It is said that aggressive guest posting can harm a site. We’ve figured out what guest posting should be for search engine promotion with site benefits. You can only improve your business website’s search results if you stick to the rules and a precise promotion strategy.

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is the publication of your unique content with a backlink to your site somewhere on another blog or portal. Such an SEO tool allows you to get quality backlinks and increase your link mass. As you know, link mass has been one of the most effective ways to promote a website for more than 15 years.

This method of promoting a business website has several advantages:

  • Increased traffic through direct backlink clicks;
  • Increased coverage of the target audience;
  • Improvement of the site’s position in search results.

Some entrepreneurs use guest posting to promote their brands. This is important.

You need to understand that only quality and proper guest posting will benefit your business website. Choosing the wrong site to post articles with backlinks can worsen your site’s ranking and even add it to Google’s blacklist. How to avoid it? Read on.

Choose Only The Best Sites For Publishing Guest Posts

Guest posting to promote a business site is different from promoting an entertainment portal. You must choose only reputable sites that will host articles with links to your business site. Of course, you can choose each web resource for guest posting manually and personally communicate with the manager of each such site. But you will be able to building effective backlinks using one of the special services for placing unique articles on verified sites.

Search engines consider not only the uniqueness of articles with backlinks in guest posting. Relevance to the topic and authority of the site is also important. Make sure the guest posting site matches the theme of your business resource. Its target audience should coincide with your potential clients. You should not post articles with a link to your law firm on a forum for teens.

You should also check the authority of the guest posting site before publishing your unique backlinked content on it. This site should not be blacklisted by Google, and its search results should be high. Only then will you feel the effect.

Recommendation: choose each site to publish guest posts on your own. Only this way can you be confident that the articles will be posted correctly on “clean” resources that fit the theme of your business site. 

You can also find a site that promotes guest posts through an affiliate program. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore more tools. Read more about it here.

Write Quality Text For Guest Posting

You can promote your business brand or commercial website only with useful and quality content. No one will want to click on a link if there are errors in the article and the content has no informative value to your business’s target audience. Follow a few guidelines for writing quality content for guest posting.

  • Make your content 100% unique so that search engines don’t block its indexing;
  • Write an article on a topic that will be useful to your customers;
  • Avoid direct advertising of your business or commercial site in guest posting articles;
  • Create expert content that is well-structured and contains images, tables, or infographics.

Once published, don’t forget to keep track of the guest articles you’ve posted. If the site allows for user comments, try to be active with your readers. Ask leading questions and answer user questions. This will increase your credibility as a business owner.

How Do I Choose Sites For Guest Posting?

Choose your guest posting sites for the best results. First, choose about 10 thematic web resources that you are most interested in. After that, find the contact information of the manager or someone from that site. Write to them about your desire to place a guest post on the site. Remember, it’s up to you to provide them with free, unique content with a backlink.


You can be sure that guest posting is effective for promoting commercial websites. But you must follow the rules in order not to harm your web resource during the promotion.


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