Glasses that make you look less geeky


How to look less geeky in glasses?

Not that we are implying that geeky isn’t a desirable look. But, some people who wear glasses often complain that their specs make them look nerdy when they are trying to come across as stylish and cool.

We understand this. We all want to be loved for our individuality but if you wear glasses, you are always given silly names such as nerd or a bookworm. 

However, your problem is now resolved as there are so many designer glasses in the market in cool chic frames that wearing glasses won’t have people pulling your leg. If anything, you will get a lot of compliments for your new glasses without putting in a little effort.

When buying glasses that will look less nerdy and more fashionable, a few tips will help you along the way.

Glasses for your face shape


If you are not a fashion enthusiast, chances are that you buy just any pair of glasses that fulfills your vision needs without paying attention to the frame.

But if you want to make a fashion statement with your specs, you have to make sure that they are complementing your face shape. For instance, if you have a round face with a curvy jaw and soft features, angular glasses in rectangle or square shape will brighten your bland features.

Similarly, if your face has visible angles with wide cheekbones and pronounced jawline, you will do much better with round or circular frames, for example, men’s glasses in round shapes. 

In case you are blessed with an oval shape, the world is your oyster. You can try any frame shape you want because nothing is going to bring down your perfectly proportioned facial features.

Glasses for your skin tone

Just like your face shape, your skin tone also plays a part in determining which is the right frame for you. There are mainly two skin tones namely cool and warm.

If you have a pink undertone, you fall in the category of cool skin types. Glasses in silver, green, blue or grey will accentuate your natural aesthetics. Black frames with subtle patterns and elegant detailing will accent your skin tone.

If your undertone is a mix of pinkish and golden, you have got a neutral skin tone. You can go with stark black, tortoiseshell glasses or any shade of glasses you want as everything is going to look great on you.

For those with warm skin tone, you are better off with earthy shades of red, brown, golden, orange and yellow. You may also go bold on black as they will only complement your warm skin tone. 

Glasses that don’t say nerdy

Plain glasses in basic colours and a rectangular shape can make you look nerdy. If you want your glasses to speak a different story, these are the options for you.

Cat-eye glasses

What is more bold, chic and sexy for ladies than a pair of cat-eye women’s glasses. You can take them to your office or on a girl’s night out and they will not let you down. Especially ladies with a diamond face shape can add an illusion of broad forehead with cat-eye glasses with heavy detailing and edgy flair on the frame top.

Tortoiseshell glasses

Perfect for every occasion and outfit, tortoiseshell glasses have a sort of character and stylish appeal that you can benefit from. There are tortoiseshell glasses in cool tones for people with cool skin tones. The dual colour pattern will give a fun vibe to your appearance that is anything but nerdy.

Transparent glasses

Want something that will give you a no glasses looks? Transparent glasses are the thing for you. Since they are colourless, they won’t clash with your outfit or skin colour. Transparent glasses will get attention to your beautiful facial features instead of overpowering them.

Oversized glasses

Anything in oversized fashion is ultimate chic and stylish. You can try this style for your basic prescription glasses and you will be good to go. Not only will they make you look interesting and fashionable, but they will also grab attention in a good way.

Geometric frames 

Your basic rectangular and square glasses are too boring for everyday styling. Try something geometric and add a fun appeal to your look. Whether you go for hexagon, pentagon or octagon, you will bring the runway style on the streets.

If you don’t know which frame is going to look good on you, search online. You can find websites that will give you a free home trial on glasses. To save money on glasses, online is the place to buy.

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