Ghost mannequin Photography Becomes More and More Popular Among Clothing Brand Owners

Clothing Brand
Clothing Brand

Clothing brand owners need to display their products in order to sell them. The products need to be displayed on the brand’s own eCommerce webshop and as well as on product catalogues and other promotional print media. Among all the available options of promoting clothing brand products, which is the most popular option among brand owners?

The answer is Ghost Mannequin Photography.

What is Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost mannequin photography is a popular type of apparel product photography that is gaining popularity lately. It is the most preferred type of clothing photography option among clothing brand owners. A clothing item, whether it is a shirt, pants, underwear or tank top, is positioned on a mannequin for a photoshoot. Professional apparel photographers perform the photoshoot of the clothing items on the mannequin. Two different clothing product shots are taken. The one-shot is taken for the full product, another shot is taken to show the inner tag or the brand logo. This stage of apparel photography is classified as product photography.

During the second stage of ghost mannequin photography production, which is known as post-production editing, clothing images are sent to a professional photo editing services company. Professional photoshop experts then take the product images and use their skills to edit the images and transform the images to finished ghost mannequin photography.

Why Ghost Mannequin Photography is Gaining Popularity

Plain old clothing photos that are shot putting the product on a hanger or on the table look dull and boring. They don’t display the features of the fashion clothing and therefore do not appeal to buyers.

Model photography is popular among top brands but it is extremely costly. Small to medium size clothing brands cannot afford model photography to promote their products due to budget issues.

The best option is ghost mannequin photography. With this type of clothing photography, the unique features of the clothing item are nicely displayed. 3D ghost effect makes the image visually attractive and appealing to the buyers. It is only natural that this type of product photography will boost product sales.

How Ghost Mannequin Editing is Done in Photoshop

It takes a skilled photoshop expert to perform the ghost mannequin editing job in photoshop. Photoshop experts first use a photoshop clipping path to cut the actual clothing item from the display mannequin. Both the product image as well as the inner tag or brand logo images are cut using a photoshop clipping path at the first stage of editing.

Photoshop experts then use their photo editing skills to join the two images together to form the 3D ghost effect. Once the images are joined in photoshop, detailed retouching and blending are needed to make the join look seamless. The finished output is the ghost mannequin product photography.

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