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Functional Medicine and Insurance

With the ongoing pandemic, the public is now taking health and hygiene more seriously. It has only given a spotlight on Functional Medicine, an approach that focuses on addressing and identifying the root cause of various diseases in the body.

As Functional Medicine becomes a growing industry, it’s natural that many people would want to know more about it—What is Functional Medicine? Does health insurance cover it? Do functional medicine doctors accept insurance?

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a biology-based approach that looks into the fundamental underlying causes of various diseases in the human body. In other words, Functional Medicine takes into account new findings from the system’s biology and finds out the different influences which could impact a person’s health.

This method helps in diagnosing the sickness itself, which could potentially help in treating the said disease. For a functional medicine doctor, the most crucial factor to look at is why this person is sick.

Functional Medicine and Insurance

Health Insurance offers a wide variety of arrangements which includes Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and even High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP).

These health insurance plans have in common that it’s the employer or the person who provides the insurance is one who negotiates with the insurance providers on which benefits you will receive.

Unfortunately, not everything is covered by the health insurance you are availing of. The chances of your health insurance covering functional medicine expenses are low (See: do functional medicine doctors accept insurance?)

Paying Out-Of-Pocket, More Beneficial

Although it might not look like it, paying out of pocket for functional medicine is more beneficial than you think.

  • By paying out-of-pocket or insurance-free, functional doctors can now recommend the best and most advanced testing and therapies, which health insurance models normally restrict.
  • Another benefit is that functional medicine doctors can treat patients with the best possibilities based on their individual needs instead of using the insurance company’s treatments within the insurance’s budget.
  • Time is an element that functional medicine doctors value since they have a comprehensive assessment. Unlike insurance reimbursed visits which only take about 25 minutes per person.
  • Without any restrictions from the insurance company, functional medicine doctors can now meet with patients whenever and wherever they may be. This helps with the comprehensive assessment and develops a personal relationship between the doctor and the patient.

With the insurance company not getting in-between the doctor and the treatment, patients are now able to see the real coverage of their treatment. From lab costs to doctor’s visits, they won’t be surprised with any of the expenses as it is discussed with every procedure.

The public isn’t satisfied with the current amount of time they get when they visit their doctors and medical practitioners who only prescribe pills for almost every illness. Many patients are now demanding other options for treatment.

Functional Medicine is a growing industry that provides patients with changes in their diet and lifestyle rather than mere prescription drugs. With the rise of long-term pain, chronic diseases, and other complications, Functional medicine doctors are needed more than ever. As an area in Medicine that considers the lifestyle and habits of the patient is precisely the type of treatment that the public has been yearning for.

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