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Fashion Communication – Trends, Scope & More

Fashion Communication is a specialised domain that brings together the elements of the fashion and media industry. From journalists and photographers to image consultants and graphic designers, fashion communication caters to a broad group of talented professionals.

Here’s a closer close look at what’s it like to work in the industry.

Fashion Communication Scope and Careers

There’s more to the fashion industry than fashion designers and models with long spidery legs. Loving fashion does not always need to translate to fashion designing. If you speak the language of fashion, style, and lifestyle effortlessly, then consider fashion communication.

A specialised domain of fashion, it provides ample scope for people inclined towards telling stories via fashion media. Besides, fashion communication comprises several professions. Here are some of the most promising ones.

Fashion Writer

Translate your love for fashion through the mighty pen and be the messenger of the fashion gods! Fashion writers generate media content for advertisements and print media. They communicate with fashion brands and consumers to understand the demand and provide an accurate picture.

As a fashion writer, you will work with editors, photographers, marketing, research, and brand professionals to create your pieces. You can also work for a magazine, a marketing agency, a fashion brand or even as a freelancer.

Fashion Brand Manager

A brand manager is responsible for the fashion brand they work for. By conducting extensive research, they get the pulse of the consumer to promote the fashion brand they’re associated with, including a new product line, new initiatives, etc. They act as a ‘brand guardian’, constantly devising ways to market a positive brand image.

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, your work will involve liaising with art directors, fashion designers, PR professionals and fashion journalists. These professionals are experts in creating the visual representation of a product or a concept, which help understand how the customer will react to the product, thus predicting its success rate and creating strategies to achieve it.

As a graphic designer, you need to be skilled in various design software and have a knack for brainstorming creative ideas.

How Much Do Fashion Communication Professionals Earn?

A fashion communication graduate can earn anywhere between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakhs monthly. However, these numbers are dynamic and are dependent on several factors.

As a fashion communication professional, your salary will depend on your job profile. Besides, a graduation or post-graduation degree from any reputed institutes are appealing to recruiters and employers alike.

However, a good educational background is just half the battle. You need to develop a solid network to take advantages of the multiple opportunities this industry has to offer. But as you gain experience, your skills will be upgraded and so will your salary.

How to Become A Fashion Communication Professional?

Begin your journey for a career in fashion communication by completing your 12th intermediate exam in any stream. Then, you can either opt for a diploma or graduate degree in fashion communication.

A post-graduate degree will further strengthen your competency. However, you must undertake thorough research before zeroing in on an educational institution. Why? Because it will be more than just a learning platform.

Your institution will be the starting point to develop your understanding of the industry along with common practices and standards. Also, a networking platform to gain valuable contacts and a place to get industry exposure.

In Conclusion

The fashion industry has long recognised the importance of fashion communication. It is quickly becoming a mainstream industry with ample scope for you to bank on. With an excellent educational background, experience, and dedication, you can excel in this industry and satisfy your creative impulses for the long haul.


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