Fashion Changes: 5 Key Benefits of Eco-Friendly Clothing

Eco fashion concept

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of the clothes that you put on? If you have, you’ve probably discovered just how terrible the fashion industry can be for the environment.

According to the UN Environment Programme, the fashion industry is responsible for approximately 10% of global carbon emissions and is the second-biggest consumer of water.

Fortunately, you can help to promote more environmentally conscious fashion by buying eco-friendly clothing. Here, we’ll discuss more of the benefits of making eco-friendly fashion changes so you can learn why you should make the switch!

1. Great for the Environment

Obviously, eco-friendly fashion is eco-friendly for a reason. But you might be wondering, what is it specifically about this clothing that makes it so great for the environment?

Clothing dyes can be incredibly harmful to the environment, and many of these toxic materials end up in the water supply near production facilities. Eco-friendly clothing not only reduces the amount of water and non-renewable resources required but also promotes a reduction in dangerous pollution.

Eco-friendly fashion also promotes using materials that are organic and biodegradable, even biodegradable shoes!

2. Good for Your Skin

Because clothing is often dyed with somewhat toxic materials, normal clothes can often have an irritating effect on people’s skin. People with skin sensitivities might even experience allergic reactions.

The materials used in eco-friendly clothing like hemp, linen, silk, and even organic cotton can feel much better on your skin than synthetic materials that create a much greater environmental impact.

3. Better Quality and Longer-Lasting

Eco-friendly clothes are not only meant to cut down on waste and pollution. By creating clothes of higher quality, you are encouraged to hold onto your clothing for longer. This also helps to reduce the amount of waste created by the fashion industry.

Reducing the amount of chemicals used in the production process also enhances the quality of the product. This means that it will last even longer in your wardrobe.

4. Supports Workers’ Rights

Often, a major part of eco-friendly fashion includes making sure the workers who make your clothing are paid fair wages. Clothes made under the Fair Trade Act do not involve and sweatshops and ensures quality working conditions for employees.

In addition, reducing the amount of dangerous materials involved in the production protects workers from harmful side effects.

5. Easy Maintenance

Because eco-friendly fashion is of higher quality, it is also easier to maintain. You don’t need to worry about destroying your clothing when you wash it, meaning that you can wear it for a very long time without worry.

You also won’t have to worry about spending money on dry cleaning, another often environmentally harmful process.

Make Fashion Changes Today

With just a few easy fashion changes, you can make an enormous impact on the environment with the clothing that you wear. Just a couple of switches here and there can not only make the world a better place but also have a great impact on your body and wallet.

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