Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Exotic Hats

Exotic Hats
Exotic Hats

During the 17th Century, hats were part of fashion that was highly valued. Though time has passed, even today, they are coming out stronger than before. At least one hat is in someone’s wardrobe. Furthermore, hats are not only for fashion, but they can also be ideal when the sun is too hot or during the rainy seasons.

Some people also choose hats to cover the hair from dust and other foreign particles. Based on the listed benefits, you may have developed an interest in buying exotic hats from Americanhatmakers.com or other online shops. Therefore, you can use the guideline below to find the best hat that matches your face type and fashion. 

Choose a hat matching your face shape

It’s crucial to consider your face type when buying hats from local or online shops. Where does your face fall in? Is it Oval, Oblong, Round, Triangular, Square, Diamond, or Heart? Every face types have a unique hat style that matches it. For instance, fedoras or hats with wide brims could be ideal for an Oblong-shaped face.

Furthermore, hats with a high crown aren’t ideal for the long face as their face will look extraordinarily longer. However, if you need a hat that fits nearly every face, look for ones with a large straight capeline. 


When shopping for hats, it’s ideal that you consider their materials which have a more significant contribution to how it will look on your head. Furthermore, your lifestyle can dictate the type of materials you choose. For instance, frequent runners, athletes, and those who sweets most often can benefit when they opt for exotic hats made of polyester materials as it delivers moisture-wicking properties.

On the other hand, people who spent most of their time in marine environments or boats can enjoy wearing hats made of water-resistant fabrics. Also, exotic hats made of wool are ideal for winter seasons as it ensures warmth. Additionally, hats made of straw materials are ideal for summer or beach vacation as it ensures good ventilation to keep you cool. 

The Brims

If you do your shopping through popular sites, you’ll get the best hats, but finding a perfect choice could take your time, especially when you don’t know what to look for. So, don’t make the same mistakes others have made when buying exotic hats online. Instead, it would help if you looked at the brim size, including medium, short, and long.

When you make the wrong choice, they will make your face look longer or increase its volume. Wide-brimmed hats would make a slim person look shorter. So, make your choice accordingly.

Personality and outfit

Choosing the right hat can protect your personality; that’s why it’s ideal for focusing on your lifestyles when choosing hats. If boho clothes are your favorites, then you should opt for fedora or beret hats. On the other hand, tomboys can look great on beanie or bowler hats. The most important thing is that you should choose a hat that rhymes your lifestyle.

Hat Color

Take a good look at your wardrobe; what types of clothes do you have? Will their color matches the hat you intend to buy? Well, you must choose the hat based on the clothes you have or intend to buy, and they should complement each other. On the other hand, your choice of color as far as exotic hats are concerned should be influenced by your hair color and skin tone. So, when you look yourself in the mirror after wearing your exotic hat, ensure you feel confident. 


The only time you’ll feel like you’ve lost your way is when you realize there are hats on the shelves, but you don’t have enough money to buy them. Don’t let it challenge you, please. Look around, there are so many better options that will complete your fashions and interest, and you’ll not have to pay much for them.

That’s why we suggest drawing a budget so you can only purchase hats within your reach. We can find exotic hats online at an affordable price during our purchase, and their customer services department is admirable. 

The Hats crown & size

When you do your shopping based on the hat’s crown, you should expect to find low, high, and normal crowns. Those with full and fat faces should buy exotic hats with high crowns. Additionally, you can buy hats with a standard or low crown if you have a long face. On the other hand, you should choose the right size that can fit you perfectly. When you know your head size, you can use that dimension to check the right hat for you on the chat.

You can consult a store attendant to determine your size, which will help you choose the right hat for your head. 

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