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Factors that Affect How Long SEO can Take to Get Effective Result

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) undoubtedly plays a very crucial role in making your website recognizable. However, like all other good things, even this doesn’t come easily. To achieve a proper optimization of your website, it might take a longer time. In this article, you will be introduced to factors that affect the time taken by SEO to get effective results.

Age and Authority of the Site:

Albeit the age of the domain doesn’t matter when it comes to faster SEO ranking. But attributes linked with how long the website has been on the platform do matter. Several recent studies claimed newer domains benefit from SEO efforts slower than the newer ones. The reason behind this is older websites hold more backlinks and content built up libraries that make the website more trustworthy for search engines. However, anyone with a new website can also acquire backlinks to combat this benefit.

Building Links:

Link building could be a time-consuming activity at the same time, a crucial element of Google’s algorithm. Certain things that can be done to build links are developing quality content regularly and avoiding all illegal tactics. Apart from that, social media can also be used to engage more audiences. Along with it, invest your time in repurposing the content into shorter posts and snippets. Another thing that any newer and older website should remember is avoiding using links from low-quality and disreputable sites. For resolving your queries regarding link building, you can consult any SEO Consultant Perth.

Penalties, Errors, and Hosting Issues:

Sometimes, it’s more beneficial to fix the existing damage than planning something new. SEO errors, Google penalties, and reckless website hosting take a longer time to recover. Also, remember that Google doesn’t index all the changes at once. While making changes or updating any pages, you must rely on Google to seek the changes and recrawl the page. There are certain issues that need to be taken care of, such as fixing crawling and robots.txt issues, .htaccess, sitemaps, web. config files, etc., for faster SEO ranking.

Competitor Analysis:

Defeating your competitors ensures you win on every battlefield. Similarly, in this case, you can defeat them by learning valuable insights for your SEO strategies like patterns, keywords, and other new experiments. Although this might take time, there are several tools available in the market that will make your work easy. They help you to understand what will be better for you as per your requirements. By which you can always stand above your competitors.

Content Creation and Website Design:

Research claims possessing an accurate content market strategy can lead up to an 8% increase in terms of website traffic. That is why it is always suggested to spend maximum time in building a content strategy and then implementing it correctly. Lack of authoritative, relevant, and engaging content can make your website suffer from slower SEO. Along with that designing, your website with optimization supporting URL structure can also become advantageous. Also, don’t forget to select a suitable design for mobile optimization as well. Apart from that, choosing the right CMS, changing large JavaScript files and CSS also needs your special attention.

Off-Page and On-Page SEO:

Another thing that can take time to get effective SEO results is the off-page and on-page factor. However, you can get advantageous results a bit faster by checking on the on-page optimization. By making simple adjustments to your title, alt tags, header, descriptions, meta tags, and anchor text, you can achieve faster results. However, the off-page optimization might take a bit longer time. Albeit considering high-end directories and citations, social media sharing, blog commenting, and guest blogging can bring some improvements.


These are some of the factors that affect the time taken by SEO for providing effective results. Though following the mentioned suggestions can help you faster the process a bit. But remember to do it legally and honestly. Otherwise, all your hard work might go in vain.

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