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Scope Planning: An Important Factor of Acing CAPM

You will be discussing which type of procurement you will use procuring the goods, works, or services. Then you have to decide which procurement method to use. The method is usually determined by the cost amount and would require a domestic or international bidding, price comparison, or direct contracting after you will have to estimate the time, which depends a lot on the procurement method you use. The teams working under a project manager work under several work packages, and once they are done with a certain package, they are advised to move onto the other packages under the supervision of a project manager. Once we have identified the procurement needed to execute the work packages in the procurement matrix, CAPM Training & Certification we can start checking if any of those procurements are similar and can be carried out in a consolidated way. This is important to be efficient so we can have fewer contracts and reduce the time used in contract administration. The team is organizing all the procurements about the work to be done the work packages instead of the traditional way of organizing the procurement based on the nature of the procured goods or services. This keeps the procurement focus on results. Meantime, team members would have reached a consensus on how they will carry out the procurement. When you have decided on the procurement method, we can go back to the time estimates of the S-curve. This is very important always when we finish a tool to go back and check perhaps we need to make some adjustments to the tools that we used previously, so our plan is constantly updated and current.


Time Management

Managing time properly can help you get a better kick-start in your career in project management. Did you know that, on average, only 60% of the work planned in a project is executed according to plan? Do you have any idea what happens with the other 40%? Could it be that we do estimates that are not well? Or maybe that we are too optimistic? For that reason, and because there are more efficient ways to manage time, we use tools like the network diagram and the schedule of activities. The most important thing to have in mind for developing a good network diagram is the concept of predecessor and successor. The network diagram is, in simple English, the sequential logic of the work to be done over time; it is also called the horizontal logic, and in this logic, each activity has a predecessor and a successor. If any activity does not have a predecessor or a successor, the logic of this tool will break and will not help us with the problems we mentioned before. Predecessors and successors are more frequently referred to as dependencies.


The most common ones are:

Finish-to-start: A particular work cannot begin until a previous work has been completed.


Finish-to-finish: The work cannot be completed until another work has been completed.

Start-to-start: Work cannot begin until a previous work has begun. Once you have the network diagram with all its dependencies, you will have a better and more realistic plan with better estimates.

If any work does not have a predecessor, the connection would be to the start milestone. If any work doesn’t have a successor, the connection would be to the end milestone. The critical path will be the longest in this network diagram, and it will define the final duration of the project. You can see that the team has already started a great job and is applying all the tips I mentioned before. A very important recommendation is that the project team has to be committed to this work because team members spend a lot of time thinking about what comes first, what comes after, how long its work package takes. The critical path allows us to see which work packages are more sensitive to time management, and any changes or delays of these work packages will impact the duration of the project. It is always a good idea to have the critical path at hand, for example, to persuade sponsors and other stakeholders about the importance of not altering project priorities unless there is a very important reason for it, and remember, always after the changes have been approved using the change control mechanism.

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