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Exhausted Tips for Volkswagen Jetta

Today, for all of you Volkswagen Jetta fans out there, we come with the tips you’ve been looking for regarding the exhaust system of this beautiful model.

 Right next to the car’s exhaust pipe we find a final piece that fulfills a critical aesthetical role for those who like to show off their cars in the best condition possible: that’s right, we’re talking about exhaust pipe tips.

Exhaust tips tend not to modify the sound produced by the whole system, however, it has been observed that wider or simply bigger tips can make the noise sound more Rustico or even add a “guttural” kind of noise, while thinner ones tend to generate a coarser sound.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know about your Volkswagen Jetta’s exhaust system, ranging from which are the best ones in the market, adequate maintenance and where (and how) to buy the best pieces for it.

The best exhaust pipes for Volkswagen Jetta

It is a well-known fact that Volkswagen is a highly customizable vehicle, which is why there’s a great variety of exhaust systems to be found in the Volkswagen Jetta market, which can, in turn, be adapted for other similar vehicles.

Commonly, most of these systems are made mostly out of stainless Steel, some polished, some unpolished. Our first tips regarding the exhaust system for the Volkswagen Jetta will precisely deal with the question of how to pick the best exhaust for this kind of vehicle.

The Volkswagen Jetta is a family vehicle designed for road trips, it is not, however, a sports vehicle. For this reason, in the market of exhaust pipes for the Jetta, the best choice will likely be that which counts with an absorption silencer, given that this kind of silencers is coated with glass fibre or other materials that effectively isolate the temperature and noise produced during the release of combustion end-products.

A good combination is made with interference exhaust pipes, seeing that they cause sound waves to bounce and crash with one another, furthering the noise muffling effect.

The second and third place is taken by exhaust pipes equipped with an expansion silencer and those with a lateral resonator, respectively.

Expansion exhaust systems are based on pipes that are wide at the beginning and with a narrower ending, generating a very high range of frequencies and thus reducing noise. Most users, however, consider this system to still be insufficient.

On the other hand, the lateral resonator exhaust system consists of a perforated pipe surrounded by another of a bigger diameter, causing sound waves to bounce multiple times between the two pipes, being reduced in the process. This system is usually combined with an expansion or interference exhaust system, given that this method is, by itself, not very efficient in reducing noise.

The best pipe tips for the Volkswagen Jetta’s exhaust system

Carrying on with tips for your Volkswagen Jetta’s exhaust system, we find a critical piece at the very end of the pipe: the exhaust pipe tip. The standard measure of this piece for this vehicle is 2×2.75 inches.

Some exhaust tips allow silence to slightly reduce the sound coming out of the system, while others increase it. Some are also able to slightly modify the vehicles’ speed by virtue of having a narrower exit, allowing for a faster expulsion of the gases produced as an end-product of the combustion engine.

A good exhaust tip has to be durable and high quality in order to resist the unrelenting exposure to sun rays, rain and the ever-changing nature of the weather, whilst still looking shiny for the greatest amount of time possible.

An alternative to the use of exhaust pipes as such is the employment of exhaust pipe wrappings or external coverings, which are installed exactly above the exhaust tips, surrounding them.

These cover the originals just like a cover for a smartphone would. The best of these are produced by the Dsycar company. 

Exhaust pipe maintenance for the Volkswagen Jetta

Further tips regarding the exhaust system of the Volkswagen Jetta deal with the maintenance of the system, a very critical procedure. 

To properly care for your Volkswagen Jetta’s exhaust it won’t be necessary to invest large sums of money, given that it is a simple procedure that can be performed in your own house and that won’t take more than an hour to do, particularly the parts pertaining to the exhaust tip.

The system (or outright substitution) of the whole should be performed every 80.000km, give or take, as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. This will, of course, vary according to the use and stress that Jetta’s exhaust system has been subjected to. Frequently falling in potholes, impact from stones and other weather conditions will shorten the lifespan of the system.

However, the system should be periodically checked every 20.000 km, to avoid accidents or nasty setbacks that could end up demanding greater expenses.

A critical and relatively easy to maintain part of the system is Jetta’s exhaust pipe tip.

Regardless of the kind of exhaust pipe tip you have installed, you should use a mixture of water, soap and kerosene (also known as paraffin). These elements should be used in a proportion of 3:2:1 for

water:soap: kerosene and then added to a recipient with an atomizer.

Then you’ll have to abundantly and directly apply this mixture on the exhaust tips and allow it to soak for a couple of minutes, such as that all the Grease and dirt accumulated from the streets can loosen up and be removed.

Then, with a dry rag, you’ll remove all the dirt that has been loosened up with the solution employed earlier.

Finally, you’ll use a metal cleaner, which is a kind of cream of dense liquid which should then be applied on another dry rag and then with it be applied on your exhaust tip, with emphasis on the areas you’d like the shiniest.


As a final step, you should also remove any excess metal cleaner from the exhaust tip using another clean and dry rag in order to allow for absolutely stunning and shiny exhaust tips.

How to buy exhaust system pieces for Volkswagen Jetta?

If you’re wondering how to buy the best pieces for the exhaust system of your Volkswagen Jetta, then you should know that these are relatively easy to find in big sales websites such as Amazon and eBay, as well as other minor, more specialized sites for the purchase and sale of such pieces.

Naturally, your local and trusted provider could also be an alternative for the purchase of exhaust tips for your Volkswagen Jetta from physical and specialized shops.

With that, you know how to acquire everything you need to choose and properly keep your exhaust system in optimal conditions as well as where to buy them and when to replace them, should the necessity arise.

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