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Today, there are several tea variants, making it a field day for all tea lovers when choosing one to consume. From green tea to lemon tea, among others, you can get almost any tea you want. And each one offers you a different feel and taste. Some tea lovers don’t just take tea for the sake of it, as some teas are known to help in weight loss. Other teas are stress-relievers. One such tea is Matcha tea. So, how much do you know about the tea?

What Is Matcha Tea?

Matcha teas are one variant of the green tea category and are made from ground leaves. It is quite a distinct type of green tea as it is rich in flavor and is also known for its vibrant green color. The leaves are harvested and then shade for 3-4 weeks, and then they are picked. This has been rumored to be the reason behind the sweetness of the tea. After they are picked, they are then dried and sifted from the stems. The remnants are then ground to powder – fine powder.

Serving the Tea

When it comes to serving the tea, the Japanese green tea ceremony takes the lead. The tea is prepared using a bamboo whisk, and later on, you can drink the tea from a ‘chawan.’ The ‘chawan’ can also be called a tea bowl. With the serving from the tea bowl, you can quickly drink the tea as you take up the fresh aroma it produces. During preparation, the tea -powder- is distilled in hot water for the best results. When the tea is dissolved in hot water, it intensifies the tea. You don’t throw away any part of the tea with Matcha tea. You drink the dried-up leaves and the powder which was grounded out from the remnants of the tea. When you take your tea that way, it increases any health benefits the tea carries.

Any Health Benefits

Like most tea options, various health benefits come from taking Matcha tea. The most commonly known health benefit of Matcha tea is it relieves stress. This tea has been known for hundreds of years to reduce stress in Asia – China, and Japan mostly. It is also known to help fight off various diseases and be used if you’re trying to lose some weight. Another but not so sure benefit is that it can also be used as an anti-aging agent. The tea is filled with antioxidants, L-theanine, catechins, and natural amino acids. This means you can use this tea to boost memory too.


Matcha tea has a smooth and creamy taste, and it provides a more sweet and savory taste well-struck balance. If you’re into green tea, Matcha brings the flavor to a whole new level.

Better Taste and Aroma

Any green tea enthusiast has got to love the idea of Matcha tea which has an even better taste and aroma. It also possesses some health benefits that any tea can give. These are some of the crucial things you should know about tea.

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