Electronics Recycling Market 2021


In 2019, only 17.4% of discarded e-waste was recycled.

It’s not uncommon for people to upgrade their electronics. Whether the upgrade is due to replacing broken equipment or just wanting the latest trend, having something new is preferred.

With all of the new electronics being bought, what happens to the old ones? Many people are tossing their old electronics straight into the trash.

We can only hope for there to be more environmentally friendly disposal methods of electronics. Read below for some quick insight on the electronics recycling market.

Why Does It Matter?

A key part of helping this trend grow is understanding why the waste management of electronics is important. E-waste is hazardous and a huge waste of expensive materials.

In areas of large e-waste, lead poisoning becomes more common. Lead, among other metals, may affect the water and ecosystem of communities. This creates major health concerns for individuals.

Not only is it dangerous, but it’s also throwing away plenty of reusable parts that cost tons of money. We are throwing away billions of dollars!

The Market of Electronics Recycling

Europe has been leading the market of electronics recycling. This region has shown great initiative in creating directives to improve recycling. Unfortunately, the e-waste in lesser developed countries has increased due to them being popular dumping grounds.

The US is not too far behind Europe in e-waste regulation. Many major retailers, including Staples and Best Buy, have started accepting e-waste in order to dispose of it properly.

If you do want to drop old gadgets off at a store for proper recycling, make sure to call ahead. Ask them to point you in the right direction if they aren’t able to help.

Growing Number of Electronics

The growth of technology and overall disposable income has resulted in a boom in technology manufacturing. With all of the new gadgets, we also see a huge spike in electronics being thrown away.

This increase in unwanted technology is highlighting the need for growth in e-waste recycling. More companies are investing time and money into reusing e-waste. The cost to do this is slowly becoming cheaper.

Innovative individuals are finding ways to reuse the metal to make unique jewelry. Some people have used plastic from old electronics to make outdoor furniture.

People everywhere are doing their part to help save the planet. Unfortunately, because solutions to e-waste aren’t commonly known, many people find themselves storing old electronics in spare closets.

Out With the Old, In With the New: E-Waste

We are seeing more technology created every day. This also means we see a lot more old gadgets thrown out. What does this mean for the electronics recycling market?

As far as the global market, Europe is ahead due to several directives put into place regarding the disposal of electronics. The US isn’t too far behind. Many companies are finding creative ways to better dispose of or reuse old electronics.

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