The whole world and all the industries working in it have been affected by the advancements in technology over the years. Technology has made even the most difficult tasks easier, faster and has even helped in cutting down the costs in many cases. 

When a new technology replaces an old technology the world moves a step closer to ease and comfort. The communication systems, transportation systems and many other activities all over the world have completely changed due to the changes in technology. People can travel thousands of miles now in just a matter of a few hours as compared to the old days where it used to take months. But as the technology improved things got better. 

When you talk about the animation industry and the affects that technology has made then you simply need to observe the progress of this industry over the years. But to understand the progress of animation industry we must learn the basics about animation itself. What animation is and where it is used and how the process of creating animations or animated videos has changed or improved over the period of time as the technology has improved? 

So, animation is basically an illusion. It simply an illusion created for the eyes of the viewers that let them see an artificially created static figure move. It is like giving life to a static image and helping it move. But how can an animator to that? Well in the old days artists use to create hundreds of sketches of the same image with minor differences in each image and if you looked at these images in a sequence you would be able to see the illusion of the image being able to move. A great example of the traditional animation can be taken from children’s flip books and the way these flip books make a character seem like its moving is very similar to the traditional animation style. 

However, nowadays technology has gotten very advanced and things have changed in the animation industry just like they have changed for other industries. You can now simply hire professional animation services such as Video  HYPERLINK “”Cubix HYPERLINK “” Animation services and many others just like them, easily available online that can help you create great animated videos in very affordable prices. Creating animated videos is not a very big deal in today’s world and that is all thanks to the improvements of technology.  

There are many effects of technology on the animation industry and some of them are mentioned below:

Technology has helped save time: Traditional animation used to take artists of the highest caliber to take many hours to complete the movement of a simple hand. And when you think about the movement of the whole character then you can imagine the time it must have taken the artist to draw exactly the same image with a little difference every time just to make it look like it’s moving. But now when animation can be done through computers it can obviously be done in very little time as compared to the old and traditional ways.

You don’t need to be an artist to animate: Nowadays, you don’t necessarily have to be a perfect artist to animate. Technology has enabled man to create perfect characters using different software and has also allowed man to make astonishing animated videos without having any prior training in the field. This is all thanks to the modern technology that has made animation much easier than it was a few decades ago.

Helps save effort: Where an artist had to draw the same image hundreds of times by his hands every time just to make the illusion of motion possible can now be done with just a simple copy option provided in all animation software available.  

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