Dry Pasta Vs. Fresh Pasta: The Ultimate Pasta Battle Explained!

Dry Pasta

Fresh vs. dry pasta has become a trendy competition, just like white sauce vs. red sauce or white wine vs. red wine. Pasta is a go-to meal for many people whether they are pasta addicts or are just looking for a warm filling meal. Regardless of which group you belong to, you must have had many experiences with dry pasta. It is super easy to cook and store, and they are available everywhere. They also hold on to those strong sauces that we all love, like tomato sauces. But you also might have had a few experiences with fresh pasta and its delicate test. The question everybody asks is when to use each one and which is better. Well, let’s see!

Difference Between Fresh Pasta and Dried Pasta:

The dough used for fresh pasta is made of eggs and all-purpose flour. In contrast, dried pasta is made from a different dough that uses semolina flour and water. After making the dough for fresh pasta, it is time to press it using a pasta roller to make it as thin as desired. After that, the dough is cut into any preferred shape, such as long noodles, tortellini, or ravioli. On the other hand, dried pasta is processed differently in factories as it gets mixed in a paste, moulded, and then cut. The pasta is then dried for days at low temperatures to evaporate all the moisture to be stored indefinitely. Overall, fresh pasta feels homier, while dry pasta is always an easy and fast option.

When to Use Each?

Fresh pasta rules in the territory of delicate sauces that include dairy products such as butter or milk. When combined with a smooth sauce, fresh pasta stands out with its soft and gentle bite. Therefore, Fresh pasta goes hand in hand with sauces like alfredo or carbonara. The creamy taste of the alfredo sauce combined with the tender touch of fresh fettuccine is a must-try!

With its firm structure and full taste, dry pasta is made for heavier sauces like Tomato sauce, especially with other ingredients such as garlic, basil, oil, and meat. The sauce sticks to the dry pasta’s solid surface, making it feel absorbed and evenly distributed. Another reason why dried pasta makes you feel full is that it almost always doubles in shape after boiling. Therefore, if you are looking for that strong taste and full feeling, dry pasta is your best friend.

Which is Better?

What is the answer to the big question, then? Well, both can win your heart in different ways. It really comes down to your taste and personal preference. Some people do not even stick to the usage occasions mentioned above and use tomato sauce with pappardelle or alfredo sauce with dry fettuccine. You are the king or queen of your kitchen, and you set the rules! Fresh pasta will always be a great weekend treat, and dry pasta will always be a go-to option for folks who look for a filling meal with a strong sauce.

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