Digital Marketing Vs Paid Marketing


Making a strong organic presence has become the topmost priority of the marketers. Not to mention, businesses are going through quite a challenging time due to recent events. It’s high time to consider amp the digital marketing efforts to bring your business back on track.

Though marketers also try to boost their digital marketing efforts via paid approach, organic marketing is a cost-effective option for the businesses on a tight budget. But, which option is the best? To get an answer to this question, you need to read on to know how digital marketing and paid marketing work for your business.

So, let’s get started!

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing or organic digital marketing uses authentic, value-based tricks to drive more traffic and generate awareness. In a nutshell, it is all about expanding a business over time rather than using paid advertising, sponsored posts, etc. This technique uses blog posts, guest posts, SEO, unpaid social media posts, etc., to amp the marketing strategy.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is when marketers pay for online traffic. For example, a marketer pays a publisher for his content to appear high in the Google search results, or on social media platforms. The paid advertisements appear in very similar formats as organic posts.

Digital Marketing vs Paid Marketing

Though both digital marketing and paid marketing work well together, it is necessary to understand the difference between the two. It will enable you to use both of these techniques best.

Organic digital marketing is the best way to improve your brand’s voice, brand awareness, and interact with the right audience. But how? With digital marketing, the audience finds your business via social media, search engine, YouTube, etc. This means you are trying to build an authentic brand your audience loves to visit.

On the other hand, paid marketing involves targeting, reaching, or engaging with your audience quickly. You don’t have to wait for someone to see your blog, or read your tweet. It uses pushing content in the form of sponsored and paid ads.

As not every business has enough budget to carry paid marketing, they can embrace organic digital marketing. It helps you build a genuine connection with the potential and existing customers.

But, Why Paid Marketing Campaigns Are So Effective?

With paid marketing, even new businesses get quick leads, visibility, impressions, and sales. Even if a business doesn’t have a strong online presence, paid marketing helps young businesses get leads and customers. Not only new businesses but established businesses also improve their sales and talent acquisition for products and services.

There are many factors behind this, such as-

Better Targeting

Paid marketing channels can identify the target market very precisely. By showing the potential customers your ads at the right time, they help you get new, as well as repeat customers.

Relevant Audience

Paid channels also help you build a relevant audience using the existing target audience, which boosts your business growth.


Some paid channels also allow audience retargeting by building a target audience. Generally, these are people who have already engaged with your business on social media, email, website, etc.

Focus On One, But Don’t Limit Yourself

Whether you choose organic digital marketing or paid marketing as your starting place, you shouldn’t ignore the other completely. Paid marketing comes handy because it helps bring a lot of audience to your website. But, the moment you stop paying, you might lose all the traffic!

Though digital marketing takes time to give organic results, it helps bring a more targeted audience to your site. Thus, it’s all about keeping a balance between paid marketing and digital marketing. 

When To Choose Digital Marketing and Paid Marketing?

Well, you need to keep a balance between ppc marketing and organic digital marketing. First, you need to figure out whether you have more money or more time to invest in online marketing.

When Should You Choose To Boost Attention Organically?

If you have just started your journey to online marketing, you might have to wait for months before you get leads or other fruitful results. Here, persistence is the key! If you continue with a good digital marketing strategy, it will pay off.

When Should You Go For Paid Marketing?

If you have enough budget, you can continue with both the marketing strategies. However, below are some of the times when it is good to consider paid marketing-

  • You have a significant short-term sales target and a sufficient budget for the same.
  • You have launched a new product or brand, and nobody knows about it. In this case, social media Ads and Google Ads are a great way to target the right audience.
  • If you have products you want to get rid of quickly, Google Ads are a great choice.
  • Create a customer base and resell for more profit.

Ideally, It Is Best To Combine The Two

The most significant benefit of an organic approach to digital marketing is, even the smallest and newest of the businesses can implement it. The only investment you need is your time.

You need to spend at least a few hours on social media per week and take time to write unique, high-quality blogs, do SEO, etc. Paid marketing provides you with targeted and instant results, which isn’t available in the other technique.

But paid marketing isn’t feasible for all businesses. Even the businesses with significant budgets end up wasting the money by not understanding the working of Google or social media Ads. Thus, combining the two is an ideal way.


The purpose of digital marketing should be to build an authentic audience. When you post regularly and interact with your audience, you show not only your personality but also communicate your business goals. Paid marketing seems great because it helps boost your brand’s awareness quickly.

While the choice is up to you, it is recommended to use both. Even if you have all the money in the world, you should have a proper digital marketing strategy to get organic results along with the paid campaign. It ensures that you create a brand and meet long-term business goals. Also read the latest tech blog.



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