Dental implant: know the techniques that bring your smile back


The dental implants have already gained space in dental offices. They have been very successful among celebrities and all people who want a more harmonious and beautiful smile.

Smiling means being well and, to have the maximum well-being in your life, you need to enjoy every moment of the with great joy. Smiling is your right and feeling good about your appearance as well.

A dental implant can solve the problem of tooth loss and return the desired functions and appearance. Dental implants return the pleasure and willingness to smile, without having to depend on the uncomfortable dentures.


There are some models and techniques of dental implant, but the most recommended currently is the integrated bone dental implant. This procedure happens through surgical intervention directly in the maxillary bone, where a structure is fixed to replace the root of the tooth. In this structure, the new teeth, artificially manufactured, are embedded and fixed.

A lot of people wonder if dental implants gold coast hurt, and nowadays the answer is no. During the procedure, the patient is anesthetized and feels absolutely nothing. After surgery, there may be some discomfort, in this case, the dentist will prescribe some analgesic or anti-inflammatory, especially for the first days of adaptation.


– Chewing and eating without restrictions: the absence of one or more teeth makes it impossible to chew on the side of the unrestitled mouth. This can lead to a disproportionate effort on the opposite side and, consequently, the wear of the oral musculature. With the dental implant this problem is solved.

– Stability and safety: the dental implant provides stability for the dental arch. As it is made with a strong structure that works to replace the root of the teeth. This provides security for smiling, chewing, talking and fulfilling all the functions that teeth perform.

– Phonetic improvement: removable dentures or the wrong position of the teeth in the mouth can cause speech problems. With the dental implant these difficulties are corrected, because the new teeth are positioned correctly, providing a better performance also in speech and sound emission.

– Aesthetics and self-esteem: Because they integrate directly with the bone structure, the implanted teeth present a natural result and the sensation of original teeth. Therefore, the aesthetic benefit of the tooth implant is incredible and the smile is transformed. Consequently, the patient’s self-esteem gains strength. This provides much more confidence and satisfaction with their appearance when smiling or displaying the teeth.

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However, when it comes to dental implants, there are always many doubts and one of them is about the durability of the procedure. So in today’s article, let’s talk about this topic and explain everything you need to know about it.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are an aesthetic and functional procedure that provides a perfect smile. Also, they correct minor imperfections in the teeth. The process takes place by fixing ultrathin blades that cover the outer surface of the teeth, hiding remaining spaces and imperfections, such as stains and small defects.

More Features

Among the main advantages of dental implants are:

– Low invasive procedure: implantses, because they have an ultrafine thickness, do not require a very large wear of the teeth, which makes the procedure uninvasive and contributes to the structural maintenance of the dental arch.

– Conservative procedure: the procedure is little invasive and recovery is practically immediate.

– Increased desire to smile: aesthetic benefits go beyond a perfect smile. implantses, which make teeth more beautiful, make patients more eager to smile and feel safer to do so. They therefore, add quality to people’s lives.

Do I need to change the dental implants after some time?

One of the great advantages of implantses for teeth is the cost-benefit of the procedure. Their durability can reach many years.

However, it is worth mentioning that this time is very relative. Since it depends on some factors that vary from patient to patient. This means that it is no use investing in the technique and leaving aside proper oral hygiene and having poor eating habits. These attitudes can decrease the useful time of the lens. Because despite being made with resistant material, the patient’s cooperation is essential for a good result.

In addition, it is necessary to maintain the routine of periodic consultations with the dentist. Because the professional follow-up is what ensures that maintenance is well done. And any complications are solved early on, avoiding major problems.


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