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How do you know DaVinci Resolve is superior to iMovie? Let’s get this feature started by breaking the ice. Photographers and cinematographers adore both of these pieces of equipment. Both gears, in particular, have a tied rating of 8.5 stars. But, if you had to choose between DaVinci and iMovie, which should you go with? Let’s find out! 

Is DaVinci better than iMovie?

DaVinci is a feature-rich professional software tool. It is suitable for instant edits and audio sync for organizations that do not have a standard video specialist. On the other hand, iMovie is better suited for basic video editing tasks. It does not necessitate the feature set of a professional editor.

Defining the gears

First off let’s start with the definition to help you understand better:

What is DaVinci Resolve?

This impressive gear is a color correction and non-linear video editing (NLE) application. It is popular around the world for producing luminary and magnifying pixels. For rectification as a video editor, colorist, or sound editor. It is a  professional editing, color correction, and audio post-production tool for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Telling you more about the software, an exciting opportunity for videographers as the product is FREE. Take This Course team list down the 10 Best Davinci Resolve Tutorial and Courses 2021. So select any one course of your choice and start using Davinci Resolve Software.

What is an iMovie?

The best option is to use iMovie for FREE if you’re a MAC user. It’s a genuine launchpad into the FCPX universe. Most importantly, it doesn’t require a lot of time. You can simply learn to use this gear yourself.

Pros and Cons of using DaVinci Resolve

  • User friendly

If you’re looking for professional, multi-user interface equipment, this is the way to go. It allows you and each user to log in, collaborate, customize, and create fascinating looks for their videos or the same projects at the same time, just like the most cutting-edge NLE software. By editing their overall video, a large number of users are getting fantastic outcomes and results.

  • Difficult to import MKV files

Even the most basic features are hidden behind unnecessary menus or easily missed icons in this impressive gear, which is a common con for all users. You can export MKV files from DaVinci., but it won’t let you import them.

  • Color Grading

DaVinci is highly user-friendly and intuitive software with exceptional, versatile color grading features and color correction techniques. Finalize and color your video in DaVinci Resolve, with its one place and easier drag-and-drop interface service.  

  • Inconsistent tool

DaVinci’s equipment frequently crashes to the desktop and contains extremely resource-intensive software. Its inconsistent functionality, which is not clearly explained, is difficult to interpret, making it a clumsy tool.

  • Popularity 

It outperforms iMovie when it’s about popularity. On the internet, there is absolutely a large number of tutorials available. So, you can easily navigate and make the best use of DaVinci. 

Pros and Cons of using iMovie

  • Easily Useable  

Here, in Sony Vegas, each iMovie feature is simple to use. That being said, it’s not any easier than iMovie IMHO. The drag-and-drop interface is fairly simple. The primary advantage of iMovie is that there is no need for a massive manual to get started. 

  • Difficulty exporting

Exporting videos from iMovie takes too long. This could take several hours based on the duration of the assignment you’re working on. This con may be the most common issue for many iMovie users.

  • Common-to-use features

For the average person, one must know where to insert audio, title screens, shifts, and so forth. iMovie may not be the most powerful technology, but it does the task efficiently. You can even use crossfades in every of ‎many combinations of fast, slow, linear, smooth, and sharp fade curves.‎

  • Limited to users

There are a good number of effects and progressions to choose from, but customization  limited. iMovie is also only accessible for Apple users.

  • Adaptable and multiple interfaces

Use iMovie on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac all at the same time. iMovie exhibits the characteristic of an adjustable timeline while dragging an event ‎edge between two events. You can work on a project somewhere and finish it somewhere else. That’s adaptable. 

Keeping in mind the Pros and Cons of both the pixels-choose wisely. 

 Which is better, DaVinci or iMovie?

DaVinci Resolve is well-suited for advanced users and industry professionals who want to achieve the highest possible quality footage. Through detailed and remarkable expressive features, the impressive gear serves to greatly incorporate dream-like color correction and enhancement into each of its users’ media-related projects.

in addition, if you want the easy route, go for iMovie.


Let us say goodbye here, the feature was all about guiding you through the process of implementing technology-enhanced gimmicks. Now it’s your turn to make a decision; base your decision on better and best, and Go, get started!




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