Cyberpunk 2077 Left Players Wanting for More from Their Hardware

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is possibly the most hyped and anticipated game of the decade. The company CD Project Red has created an immensely condensed futuristic world, where you play as a mercenary. Gamers all around the world, has been waiting to experience the unique gameplay as promised by CDPR. If track record is any proof, CDPR is a great storyteller. It’s past title, the Witcher 3 was practically mind-blowing when it came to story-telling, RPG mechanics and branching decision making. So, naturally avid gamers were anxiously waiting for what CDPR had in store for them next.     

Three delays and multiple apologies later Cyberpunk 2077 was released on 10th December. So, it simply hired an essay writer service for my college essay and jumped right in the game. During my initial gameplay, I noticed that the game was meticulously designed and with great attention to detail. The world of Night City is just massive. No matter what people say about the game being small, they are probably speed running through the main quest. The game is extremely dense in terms of missions and side quests, but it is also visually impressive, and that is where the problem begins.

Need More Horsepower?

I absolutely love the game, especially in the way it has been designed and the character creation. But at the same time, I detested the fact that it is extremely demanding, in terms of system specifications. As a student, I obviously could not afford a $3000 high end PC, but the current system is also not exactly a potato. It is equipped with a 1660Ti, along with a third gen Ryzen 7 and 16 gigs of 3000 MHz RAM. In all fairness, it ran Red Dead Redemption 2, pretty decently at 1080p with 55 to 60 fps, and honestly that game was visually stunning in every way. So, I naturally assumed that my system should not struggle a lot with Cyberpunk 2077, but only to be proven wrong. 

In my system the game chose the High graphical settings by default by, unfortunately even the high settings looked very poor. There were several instances of pixel pop-in along with poor antialiasing, the reflections on shiny surfaces were in terribly low resolution, even the reflection of V (the protagonist), on mirrors looked terrible. However, I was getting a decent enough framerate of 50-55 fps. I tried tweaking the settings and turned on some of the Ultra graphics settings, which improved the visuals to certain extent, but the framerate dropped to 35 to 40 fps, which was really not a smooth experience.  

I enquired with some of my friends that found that they were also having similar issues. In fact, the game had hilariously poor visuals in the base PS4, but was passable in the PS4 Pro. Only one of the friends managed to get his hands on the next gen PS5, which is where the game truly shines. As I compared my game visuals, I found that the difference was clear as day. The PS5 truly showed the true potential of the game. This clearly tells me that Cyberpunk can only perform well in higher end configurations. I also found that all the PC gameplay videos of Cyberpunk 2077, floating around on YouTube are mostly on Nvidia 30 series graphics. So, being tempted I went ahead to find a graphics card, only to be disappointed once again.

Shortage in Next Gen Nvidia and AMD GPUs

During my search, I found that most of the newly announced GPUs are either sold out or are listed by scalpers on eBay, at a much higher price. Last, week, while I was writing my paper for me on supply chain, I found that the current COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted the global supply chains, affecting countless industries, including computer hardware. It has been reported that the shortage of silicon wafers in the top suppliers in the industry is to blame for the product shortage. Moreover, companies working with limited staff during the pandemic is also a valid reason for slow supplies. 

It is absolutely heart breaking that a mindboggling game like Cyberpunk 2077 is out on the market, and the customers cannot play it on its full potential. Currently, there is no clear indication as to when the new generation of GPUs will be restocked and readily available in the market. So, the only way to experience Cyberpunk 2077 is on a next gen console. 

Can It Run on Stadia?

While my paper writing help submitted by assignment on time, I went on looking for further alternatives. Luckily, I found that Google Stadia is available in my region and went ahead to purchase the Stadia Premiere Bundle Pack, and to my amazement, I found that there was a limited time offer, where customers who will purchase Cyberpunk 2077 will receive a Stadia Premier bundle, along with one-month free trial of Stadia Pro membership. 

After receiving my premier bundle, I immediately started playing Cyberpunk 2077. The no-download, no-installation thing was quite refreshing for me. As I played the game, I found that visually, it was comparable to the PS5 performance and to my surprise, I found very little lag, as I had a decent internet connection. During my 10 hours of gameplay, my game only stuttered twice, due to latency, that too for just a second. So, I have found that the only way to play Cyberpunk 2077 and relish its full graphical detail immediately, is through Google Stadia. I wish I could say this for everyone, as Google Stadia is only available in limited markets.   


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