Custom printed boxes need to be irresistible


There is a general feeling among brands that, the packaging does not matter in the sales of their product, and all that really matters is the quality of their product. Well in reality everything is different. The packaging does in fact, play a key role in sales of their product. Especially, custom packaging is the most important thing for customers of the USA now.

If you are one of those brands then you’re not on the right path. Custom printed boxes are directly responsible for a brand’s success. These boxes can make or break a brand’s image in a matter of seconds.

One big reason for packaging to be considered this much important is that, before the customer can reach your product, the very first thing that he sees is the packaging. So the packaging needs to be unique and eye-catching.

When a customer looks at your packaging, he usually takes three seconds to make his choice, and in those three seconds, your packaging needs to work its magic.

A good package should include answers to all of the questions that a customer may have, usually that include the features of the product. The packaging is the only way for a customer to know your product.

Now let’s talk about how to create a stylish, eye-catching, and lavish design for your product.

Using Cardboard as a packaging martial

You might have heard that “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. We can bet you that you cannot find any customer who wants to purchase a product which is packed in some complex way.

In a world where overstimulation is everything, nearly everyone likes simplicity, something that won’t require a lot of effort to get to the product itself. In the case of cardboard boxes, everyone knows how to use them and how to open them. You really don’t need to solve any puzzle to get to your product.

To make your item stand out

When we say simplicity is preferred by the customers we don’t mean to pack your product in a plain cardboard box and try nothing new. Your packaging should have that wow factor to it. As soon as the customer lays his eyes upon your product he should be satisfied to its core.

If you are having a thought that why we are emphasizing this so hard then the answer is simple. There are so many similar products in the market that serves the same function as your product. The market shelves are filled with all kinds of products that are similar to yours, not in just appearance but function as well.

If your packaging has no unique or eye-catching feature then, how can you say the customer will buy your product? What will make them pick your product over others?

That is why we consider packaging so important. You should create your packaging with such a design that the customer will jump towards your product as soon as he sees it.

Similarly, if your design is boring and bland it will make your customer sleepy. Not too much and not too little on the packaging is the key to success in the packaging industry.

Packaging that triggers emotions.

Do you know customers will make their buying decision purely on emotions and feelings? Nearly 80% of the people will buy a product only if he feels the packaging is connecting with them emotionally.

Due to this factor alone, businesses should design such packaging that a customer can connect to.  The packaging should speak to the customer’s heart. The customer should feel the connection, the bond that he has with your brand.

Maybe the customer can relate a certain memory with your brand and your product is linked with their certain emotions. You have to make the customer realize this, and to do that eye contact is a crucial step in capturing the customer’s emotions.

When we usually have to make our point clear, we make eye contact. The same is the case with packaging. Your packaging needs to be so eye-catching as if it is making eye contact with the customer.

Necessary Things in packaging

Your Die-cut boxes should be able to create such an impression that will make the customer stop for a moment to take a closer look at your product. They should take some time to admire the beauty of the packaging.

At that moment all of their feelings and emotions should be up for capture. If your packaging catches the heart of the customer, then be 100% sure that the customer will buy your product.

To do this, great packaging, great design, size, colour, everything needs to be perfect.


Packaging plays a crucial in the sale of the product if the packaging should be done in such a way it wins the heart of the customer. Just by implying these small techniques band can increase their sales significantly.

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