Custom Bath Bomb Boxes

Bath Bomb Boxes
Bath Bomb Boxes

We offer perfectly made customized bath bomb packaging boxes to encase and present your bath bombs in style. We have zero-tolerance for low-quality packaging thus, we make every possible effort to ensure superior quality bath bomb boxes. Why wait long when you can get the best-customized packaging solutions at your doorstep? Contact us now and request your free custom quote.

Bath Bombs: A product to transform your bathing experience into a luxurious one

What makes a bathing experience soothing? The answer is Bath Bombs or Aqua Sizzlers in the first instance. Bath Bombs are made by combining a weak acid and a bicarbonate base with an infusion of essential oils, fragrance, and colourants. Pouring the bath bomb into the bathtub is a whole experience. When they are added to the bathing water, they produce a lot of bubbles and a fizzing sound and the colour is released into the water creating an enticing bath atmosphere. They are available in plenty of shapes and fragrances. You can choose whatever you find attractive. Bath Bombs not only offer you a luxurious bathing affair but including them in your routine may let you enjoy multiple benefits. Some of the benefits of using Bath Bombs are as under:

  • The colour and fragrance of a bath bomb can instantly uplift your mood.
  • They contain ingredients that cleanse and moisturize the skin leaving it smooth and glowing after a bath.
  • They are mostly chemical-free so using a bath bomb usually does not cause skin irritation or allergies.
  • The infusion of essential oils like lavender, rosemary, peppermint, chamomile etc. helps in bringing body and mind at peace.
  • A warm bath with a bath bomb dissolved water right before bed can help you sleep better.
  • They help the body fight bad odours. It contains ingredients that prevent bad smells.

Uniqueness and Affordability; Both at one place

Are you looking for unique yet affordable packaging solutions for your bath bombs? If Yes, then we have got you covered. Custom Boxes World UK offers innovative packaging boxes at unbelievably reasonable prices. Not only our prices are reasonable, but we also proffer amazing discounts on bulk orders. We excel in handling short-run as well as massive orders. So, you can trust us with your packaging requirements. We’ll make sure to design your wholesale packaging exactly as you want it to be regardless of the order size.


Design your own thing as per your desire

Customization is what makes you distinct from your rivals. With us, you can customize your bath bomb packaging in terms of size, shape, style, layout, colour, and printing. The customized bath bomb boxes can be made in any size depending upon your storage requirements. Either you want to store a single unit or more than one bath bomb in packaging, we have size options for you. Bath bombs are available in different shapes so you can choose any suitable shape for your packaging and we’ll make it out for you.

Window Cutout; A perfect display of coloured Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs made in attractive colours must be showcased beautifully to allure and entice consumers. To give your customers an appealing display of your bath bombs, you can package them in window-cut packaging boxes. A window can be cut in any custom shape and you can choose to get the window covered with a transparent PVC sheet to protect the bath bombs from damage. The good thing is that we don’t charge even an extra penny for window cutting.

Durable Stock Options to ensure product’s safety

Exposure to moisture and other unfavourable environmental conditions can damage your bath bombs. To ensure the complete safety of your product we use superior quality stock material to manufacture your wholesale bath bomb packaging. You can choose the stock material of your choice. Available options include:

  • Corrugated Stock: If you want to ship your bath bombs internationally then corrugated bath bomb packaging is the best choice. Corrugated stock contains flutes which makes it a sturdier and a suitable choice for international shipping.
  • Rigid Stock: The thickness of rigid stock usually goes up to 32pt. If you want to give your bath bombs an elite and premium look then you should go for rigid boxes.
  • Kraft Stock: Environment-friendly kraft is recyclable. If you are an eco-cautious company or your bath bombs are 100 percent organic and chemical-free then your Kraft packaging is going to complement your product.
  • Card Stock: It is the most popular stock choice. A lighter and flexible material suitable for all kinds of products.

Custom Boxes with Coated Interior

You can select the material and its thickness as well. Thickness options range from 12pt to 28pt. We also manufacture bath bomb boxes with a coated interior. The inside of the box is covered with an Ultraviolet protective layer to keep your little fizz balls safe. We provide all types of diffuser box on wholesale with free design and shipment.

Free Shipping Worldwide

Custom Boxes World UK aims to leave every customer more than delighted. To achieve this goal, we focus on each detail and aspect that can help you get a packaging box of your dreams without exceeding your packaging budget. Now you can save big on your packaging orders with us because we offer free worldwide shipping. No matter how massive the order size is or where you live in the world, you can get the best custom wholesale bath bomb packaging boxes delivered at your doorstep without paying a penny for shipping.

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