Curating Collaboration: A Guide to Activities for Team Building


Looking for team-building activities in your workplace?

The benefits of activities for team building are palpable. It builds camaraderie and helps strengthen bonds among your employees. In turn, you get a more driven team and a more conducive workplace.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some fun group activities. Read on and find out more:

1. Scavenger Hunt

Can you think of a better method of breaking up the workday? Scavenger hunts are great if you’re looking to improve employee collaboration. It gets them moving and encourages better health with exercise.

Depending on your space, the scavenger hunt can happen either indoors or outdoors. Split every team member into small groups of a minimum of three people. Hide various objects around your premises and have them look.

The first group to find a certain number of hidden objects wins. It’s easy and requires little to no preparation.

2. Blind Retriever

Blind Retriever involves blindfolding an employee and guiding them toward a certain location. Alternatively, the goal is to touch a hidden object. It’s a surefire method of testing how your employees work under pressure.

It’s also a game that judges their responsiveness to instructions. To start, split your team into smaller groups. Put a blindfold on a team representative to make them the retriever.

The first team to direct the retriever to the objective will win.

3. Human Knot

As one of the best team-building ideas, Human Knot thrives in its fun nature and mechanics. Get the entire team to form a circle. Make them put their right hands in the air.

After that, each member will grab someone else’s hand at random. Tell them to link their left hands with someone else within the circle. Once done, their objective is to untangle themselves without letting their hands go.

4. Active Listener

Effective communication, whether internal or external, is crucial for every organization. To better test their internal communication skills, play Active Listener.

Disguise the team-building activity as a routine meeting. Once there, deliver a boring speech full of jargon and complex terminology. At the same time, sprinkle some random, unrelated sentences along the way.

Ask your employees some lessons related to your speech after it ends. It allows you to determine the people who listen more. It’s adjustable to a team vs. team setting, allowing members to collaborate.

The team with the most points wins.

5. Perfect Square

Another option for cheap group activities, Perfect Square, tests your employees’ collaborative capabilities. Get ropes and tie their ends together. It should be at least 15 feet long to ensure it remains challenging.

Put the rope on the ground. Have four to eight people form a circular formation while standing. Give them blindfolds to wear. Ask them to take five steps back.

Tell the participants to turn the rope loop into a perfect square shape. Give them a time limit. If you’re pitting various teams against each other, the one closest to the desired shape wins.

6. Office Trivia

Hosting office trivia often results in light-hearted fun. It tests your employees’ knowledge of random office facts and company history. It’s also a great way for new employees to learn more about your business.

Divide your office into teams. Depending on your company size, you can make the teams as big as you desire. The team garnering the most number of correct answers wins.

Make things interesting and offer goody bags to the winning team. Office supplies, sweets, snacks, and other useful objects are the best.

7. Board Games

Tabletop board games are classic workplace activities that build teamwork. You can never go wrong with these. They hone your team’s resource management and other mental skills.

Like others on this list, board games won’t cost you much. These won’t need special setups since all you need is a tabletop. Your team members can play these games anywhere within the office.

If you want to go for the timeless classics, go for Monopoly. This is a great option if you’re looking for something competitive but low-impact.

8. Business Simulations

It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a team-building activity that simulates real-life business situations. Start by coming up with an imaginary work-related issue.

Gather every employee in a conference room. Share the activity details and let them propose solutions. Include the rules, goals, and deadline.

Your employees are free to think outside the box since there is no real risk. Let them make creative solutions. The team with the most efficient, realistic, but creative solution wins.

These simulations enable employees to strengthen their teamwork. They develop the real skills necessary to tackle tangible problems. It hones their decision-making skills to perfection.

9. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are the best if you want to test your employees’ resource management skills. It helps determine how well they think while under stress. It’s also the best activity to put their collaborative skills to the test.

If you want a company outing, be extra and try out an Escape Room Gatlinburg. It costs more, but the experience is enlightening and exciting. Otherwise, if your budget won’t allow it, you have other options.

You can transform one of your meeting rooms into an escape room. You can put small activities and clues within the room. Get your employees to cooperate since it’s the only way out.

Transforming your conference rooms into escape rooms can come as a surprise. Gather employees in the pretense of a meeting. Once they get inside, explain the rules while locking the doors.

As always, you can make it into something competitive. Divide your employees into groups. The team that gets out the fastest wins.

Try These Fun Activities for Team Building Today

These are some of the best activities for team building for your employees. These are cheap and easy to set up within your office premises. Schedule a team-building activity with your team today!

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