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CS:GO News
CS:GO News

CS:GO has been free to play for around two years and is now going strong. More players join CS:GO every day, and it’s essential than before that everyone in the world can join and play the game for free. Just like all of the free gaming, newcomers got access to prizes, top positions, talented groups, as well as a free route to Premium matching. But, over time, those advantages have provided an opportunity for evil players to harm both new and old players’ experiences. As a result, we are changing our service for new gamers today.


New gamers can still play all game modes, social servers and workshop maps. Gamers will, although, no longer earn XP, rated, rewards, or skill groups; these elements are now accessible only to Prime Status gamers.

Introducing ‘Unranked’

When new gamers join Tough, Wingman, or Death Zone, their games will still utilize ability selection, but they will not be assigned a Skilled Team. Prime users are also playing Unranked games, where their Skill Team is unaffected, so there are no Skilled Team limitations in the lobby.

The End of Broken Fang

Today marks the conclusion of Operation Broken Fang, but many of its most popular aspects will live on. Super Competitive as well as Retakes were famous and will continue to be so. Premier Competitive is still available under the Competitive tab, while Retakes has moved to the Wargames section.

You can join CS:GO News  360 Numbers for $0.99 per month if you’d like to continue receiving your authentic Competitive and Wingman facts (or if you won’t engage in Operation Broken Fang but want to test out the stats characteristic). It provides you accessibility to the CS:GO 360 Stats page and your group’s Round Win Chance record in Competitive and Premier matchmaking playlists.

Map Pool Changes

We are introducing updates to the Active Duty Map Pool when the component of today’s release. The train has left, the platform and Ancient has replaced it with a redesigned A Site and slight improvements to B Site. We are also upgrading the community resources maps in the game. Mocha and Grind are now playable in Professional Scrimmage and Defusal Team Sigma in other multiplayer games. In addition, Calavera and Pitstop are now playable in Wingman.

New RMR Eligibility Guidelines

We’ve decided to review a few of our program rules as we prepare for the 2021 RMR season. Before today, gamers who had earned a VAC-ban in CS:GO could not play in Valve-sponsored tournaments. Since the match’s inception, these rules had not been updated, and all CS:GO VAC bans were recent. However, VAC bans could now be over eight years old. As a result, we’ve decided to change them.

A-VAC ban will exclude a gamer from such a game whether it was issued less than five years ago and at any point after their initial appearance in an Injector game, e.g., after participating in a qualifier for an RMR event. Remember that VAC bans continue to have all of their other impacts; the only difference is how they affect your ability to participate in Valve-sponsored games. Other factors can prevent a gamer from participating in Valve-sponsored games. Everything stays unchanged. We believe you are as thrilled as we are about the forthcoming RMR events in 2021.

Premier for All

Today, we’re releasing Broken Fang Premier, available to everyone. Broken Fang Premier adds a pull process at the beginning of each competitive game, allowing gamers to put their skills to the test throughout the full Active Duty map pool. Select and ban locations, select your initial team and collaborate to win 16 rounds. You also have one month whether you have an Operation Pass to complete a task, earn stars, and receive prizes from the Operation Store.


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